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  1. I totally defer to @BV80 and any Texas-experienced members he may send your way - my Texas years are held in memory only now. I am a long-time resident of The Land of Fruits & Nuts, California "-D
  2. @calawyer @Homelessinca @Anon Amos @Seadragon @ASTMedic @Coltfan1972 and others here have both professional NACA member expertise and bountiful successful experience for peer-to-peer (free!) support. Perhaps you will have both the interest & time to entertain a reading of their input in response to your thoughts of using a bevy of Affirmative Defenses to save yourself from typing too much? Wishing you a successful outcome against our common opponent, I encourage you to at least hear them out. They have been in our shoes and come out winners! Please, know that I gently & softly mention quietly to you, ... neither a bevy of Affirmative Defenses, nor any attempts toward saving keystrokes were involved in any of their victories... Wishing you a willingness to hear the proven winners out, and, your own win against CACH. Warmly,
  3. Hi! I read your post earlier, then, came back for a second reading before calling it quits for the night. Why not just ship everything back to the court it was filed at as, "no such person at this address, at least since, (whatever month prior to the service you mention hubby has already disappearing by)? No need to get all Tolstoy and write the War & Peace extended play version, you know what I mean? Just a concise, but informal and housewife-y sounding heads-up, you know? Something like, Several months ago / Earlier this year, here, where I live alone, a man arrived unannounced. Fortunately, my handyman was here at the time; accepted this from him; and, brought it to me. I rushed outside to let the deliveryman know he had the wrong address for the person he asked my handyman for, (you put the name), but the deliveryman was already driving down the lane. Since then, I have left the papers here for what i feel has been a generous period of time, exercising care they not become wet, soiled or otherwise damaged while waiting for the deliveryman to return for them. But, nobody has come for them, and, with the new year approaching, I would like this negative energy out of my house; it feels oppressive to have my otherwise happy home tainted with such things. Since yours is the courthouse listed, I hope you can track down the rightful owner of these surely expensive, legal papers. Please, see that these are returned to their rightful owner. Thank you in advance, and, happy holidays! Warmly, cursive, first name only And that, is the end of that. No need to take extraordinary measures. You have exercised the general care toward this property of another interloping in your home, and been more than patient for someone to correct their error. Surely you feel no obligation toward acting as an officer of the court simply because someone your abandoner spouse may have once known, or, someone sharing that person's name, happens to be on some paperwork your handyman mistakenly accepted from a fast-driving deliveryman months ago. Just ship it to the proper court, (listed on the paperwork), and tah-dah! Your work is done. Truly, no need to go hunting down someone who has abandoned you. if you are seek7ng him for legal separation, or, dissolution of the marriage, a divorce attorney would gladly publish the notification in the proper venues for you. No worries. I wish you happiness and calm from being freed. Warmly,
  4. I am not in Texas anymore, but I feel your pain. I could not get a lender to loan to me over 18 months of trying for my first real home, (after practicing, e.g., maint. & typical seasonal homeowner chores, repairs and upgrades, in a mobilehome park), so, I asked a perceived-as-more credit-worthy XX chromosome bearer to hop on the lender parade and, bada-bing!, instantly qualified! The deal was, we each pay a monthly payment, one as usual, one to buy down the principle. Then, we sell, split the gains, and repeat. He paid the first 2 months. (((sigh))) In November, (of whatever year the OJ murders were tried in L.A.), he came by, 6+ months late in payments, (but, I was paying to Lender as agreed), and I was headed to Dealer for a master cylinder replacement on my truck. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY YOUTH: I agreed to his smooth talk of getting me to turn in my free & clear bought new truck as the down on a Dodge Neon Coupe, for heaven's sakes! AND, he would, instead, make those payments while I would get a brand new car AND, whenever I sold, we would go 50/50 only for the months of the car note. The following early September, 9.5 months later, as I exited with my newborn in-arms, to present her at my older daughter's school church congregation, 3 heathens jumped my locked gate, and, without a word between us, I handed over the keyring and turned on heel while they took the car. I do not remember about the gate - I think they used bolt cutters to drive away? I know they kept all contents, including a Gregorian Chant cassette I just barely replaced with a CD of same, off Amazon, this year! In the end, not only did they keep the car, I had to drive, with my babies, every month, to pay the $12,500.00 difference between the <$10,000.00 they gave it away for at auction, and, the total contract price at the end of term, $26,000.00 and change. In other words, monthly $250.00 in-person payments via an over-100-mile roundtrip, with a screaming breastfed baby needing stop-offs and a student needing a smooth surface, not a bumpy ride, to do rush hours upon hours of homework! See, I had to RUSH as soon as the day's school let out, for my eldest child, then 8, to be picked up from campus, so we could make it all the way to there before closing each time. Why? Because the horrible creature in a man suit said so, or, he would place a lien on my house! I still share about it almost 18 years later - actually, wasn't this past Thanksgiving 18 years? So, my experiences in life tell me to tell you to, A.) Sell scrap metal, or whatever you need to do to get caught up with keys in-hand FAST! A1.) Whatever it goes for at auction will NOT cover what is still outstanding on the original debt. A2.) They have no motivation to give the car back to you, so, sweeten the pot, if you can. A3.) Whatever it goes for at auction, you are still left, A3a.) Without the vehicle A3b.) Owing 100% of the after-auction remainder A3b1.) That remainder is offset by the auction price, but also, added to for towing & storage, etc fees B.) Never, Not Ever, Not At All, Not for Anyone, Co-sign on Anything, Ever. B1.) If financial professionals, who spend all day, everyday, trying 7 ways to Sunday to get a person's hot hips into debt, even if just barely, say, "No way!", make your parents proud, also, and always, by saying, "No way!", when they come smiling and laughing and crying and begging, zeroing in on you because they think that flashing red sign on your forehead says, "Sucker", when it really says, "Leave Me Alone! Go Away! IfYou Really Want It, You Will Find A Way to Save Until You Can Afford It On Your Own! Money Poisons Relationships!" As a former fellow Texan, (Houston's Bunker Hill / Springbranch, by the old Thunderbird Drive-In & Bear Creek Park, Hollybrook Elem., class of '65-'69), I want you to know the repo. does not-at-all define you. You can and will get past this. You may even find funds to get them to give it back to you! Stay strong & carry on! Most of all, do not EVER let those lizards have another opportunity to pounce on you again in this lifetime, and may it be a long & happy lifetime free of any other repos! Warmly,
  5. Congratulations! How about a win-win? You win your case, as you have done, AND, you help countless others win their cases by sharing your experiences with this victorious case, and anything else you feel like sharing to help others as you were helped. That would let you keep "doing it again", but vicariously, at your own pace, and, without the paperwork & legwork! It would also provide the mutual honor of a new contributor to the winner ranks on-site, enriching the pool of peer-to-peer proven-winner supporters of those future litigants arriving here as you did, way back on Day One, remember? You are respected, esteemed, needed and valued as a experienced and proven winner! Warmly,
  6. out here, in my area of California, each of us registered and voting voters represent ___25___ members of the population with each visit to the polls. on the one hand, that is kind of awesome power, but, on the other, that kind of disappoints and dilutes the authenticity of the pool when foreclosed homes are used to register phantom voters, and deliver their absentee voter ballots, (and so much more voter fraud prolifically prospering at a rampant pace all across the nation - in some precincts, more votes than residents are logged!) my sore spot has long been how judges seem to just run on name while other candidates list everything from education to family composition for paragraph upon paragraph. Why is this? And, is my hypothesis that judges get in, or voted out, based up the votes of area fellow judges, mostly area fellow attorneys, and the local resident county workers and their relatives? most of all, how do you propose achieving your goal? I am game for moving it forward here, in the 52nd precinct, FWIW. Warmly,
  7. out here, in my area of California, each of us registered and voting voters represent ___25___ members of the population with each visit to the polls. on the one hand, that is kind of awesome power, but, on the other, that kind of disappoints and dilutes the authenticity of the pool when foreclosed homes are used to register phantom voters, and deliver their absentee voter ballots, (and so much more voter fraud prolifically prospering at a rampant pace all across the nation - in some precincts, more votes than residents are logged!) my sore spot has long been how judges seem to just run on name while other candidates list everything from education to family composition for paragraph upon paragraph. Why is this? And, is my hypothesis that judges get in, or voted out, based up the votes of area fellow judges, mostly area fellow attorneys, and the local resident county workers and their relatives? most of all, how do you propose achieving your goal? I am game for moving it forward here, in the 52nd precinct, FWIW. Warmly,
  8. OK. I can see that as working. I need more experience in order to distinguish when to be aggressive and when to hunker down in the trench and wait for the rumbling tanks overhead to pass me by.Warmly,
  9. So, with the dismissal being without prejudice, and the latest date being in 2012, ... is re-file Damocles' dangling sword going forward until the statute is run? I mean, I clicked the link to travel back in time, where it seems as though the complaint was filed just after early Summer 2012, then, dismissed December 2012, right? So, the (2) details I am not seeing are, 1.) Did you ever file that cross complaint; and, 2.) What was the Statute of Limitations determined to be for this alleged account? Is this alleged account a BofA account, running on Deleware time, (3 year SOL), or, on California's 4-year statute of limitations? Would it be a good idea to motion for Judge to make the dismissal with prejudice? I'm just thinking of that apparent potential for re-filing. Warmly, Warmly,
  10. @BV80 May this be uploaded as a way to start 2015 off right on every forum's headboard? I think it is awesome! A NACA member attorney now a goddess in my legal life, which is a boon to my personal & medical realms of life, instructed me to make the annual free requests to all (3) agencies, which was a snap on the *.gov site, I must say! Within 10 days, all (3) of my 20+ pages each reports were here, in-hand, at zero cost! Love-Love-Love it! Some may be in for a glorious surprise, others may see some opportunities for dispute (s), etc. No matter what the news learned from holding all three versions of your own in-hand, the final outcome can only be personal finance betterment, (as long as we resolve to make 2 015 an even better year, and, take the steps to make it so!). Onward! Upward! Forwardbound! Hurrah! Another year is almost behind us. A new year, to make a new start, lies only a few more days away! Warmly,
  11. @BV80 @GDayMateAZ if I am not mistaken, are in Arizona, yes? You have a well-started thread here, I must say! You are well on your way toward success with such following of direction / instruction and attention to details uploaded. Many experienced peers and professional NACA attorneys are on-site, ready to help you answer questions with links, copies of documents and anecdotal posts / responses to your queries here. I can't imagine being in better company during these times, 24 / 7. May victory be yours, whatever victory looks like to you. Warmly,
  12. For the answer/response: The PLD050 form for this is online, via the State website. No worries. (One page, and it includes space for Affirmative Defenses, if you end up going with any.) LINK FOR FREE PLD 050, CLICK http://www.courts..gov/documents/pld050.pdf For the proof of service: The POS040 form for this is online, via the State website. No worries. (A few pages, the last being ink-intensive with instructional text, which I thought to save money by not printing, then, I read something about legal proceedings and numbered pages like the ones on this form, e.g., 1 of 4 - 4 of 4, and how they are numbered like that to show they are all there, I.e., if you lead with page one listed as 1 of 4, you better close with the last page being 4 of 4. LINK FOR ONLINE FREE POS040 FORM, CLICK! http://www.courts..gov/documents/pos040.pdf Warmly,
  13. Looking for mentions of Judge online, beyond him being appointed in 2007 by the maid's infamous shtuuper, I happened upon a most intriguing conclusion to the first paragraph here, and wonder why it may be we seem to file answers/responses rather than these, which seem to be similar to dismissals with prejudice, prohibiting re-filing of the same matter? SEE: http://www.co..ca.us/admin/cao-reports/2007/02-20.pdf Then, this blurb leads him to appear even more pro-plaintiff, to me, SEE: Efren N. Iglesia was one of two appointed to judgeship in the Monterey County Superior Court Iglesia, 57, [was 57 in 2007, edit] of Salinas, has worked for the Monterey County Counsel’s Office since 1983 and currently is senior deputy county counsel. [End copy & paste from, http://www.asianweek.com/2007/08/31/bay-briefs-3/"]http://www.asianweek.com/2007/08/31/bay-briefs-3/ But, just in 2013, Judge was to pass sentence in criminal court on this horrific case, SEE: http://archive.thecalifornian.com/article/20130508/NEWS09/305080034/Gonzales-woman-pleads-guilty-vehicular-manslaughter So, he was county deputy counsel in 1983, (age +/- 43), appointed by Governor, (Rep.) in 2007, (age 57), passed criminal sentence in 2013, (age +/- 63), and, has his own courtroom (restraining orders & our sort of cases + evictions/landlord tenant type cases, Dept. 16), (age +/-64)... Back in college, Criminal Justice taught of "Judicial Isolation". If any would suffer from it, a person with over half his life in evermore rarified airs, like "my judge" seems the one, right? While waiting, all he heard were people trying to get over in totally skeezey ways... You know how, once assigned to jail duty over 3 months, deputies can kiss all hopes of patrol duty away? Something psychological surrounding being around "those people" all the time? Well, they say judges get their equivalent to that, too. I am going to hold your words tight and hold up all hopes that Judge is the exception proving the rule. My goddess is a proven kick-butt of a winner. I am going to the natural health store now, before they close, to chug a half gallon of 100% pure, bitter, unsweetened cranberry juice preemptively, then, fall asleep full of it, to awaken for court day as fit as possible! Please, please, please think positive thoughts toward my case! I will update within 24 hours. Over & out for now. Warmly,
  14. That settles it! @Anon Amos is globe-trotting with my entourage, just as soon as I attain a financial platform for us to launch! Enriching communities with solar hand wells & bicycle-powered washing machines, generating stored power as they go... then, pristine cave spelunking, and ancient mountaintop monastery exploring... deep sea volcanic vent witnessing, and a butt-naked campout in a satellite-determined most remote spot of hospitable land on the planet..... ah, my mind is on to these other things already! Thank you, Anon Amos! Yours is the voice of reason in this chaotic inner world of mine right now! Now, back to that ancient mountaintop monastery for some simple, profoundly simple oom time with my breaths...
  15. First of all, WELCOME! You sure picked the very best site to land for countless peer-to-peer support opportunities from those who have gone through all this before you, and WON! Plus, incredibly expert & compassionate NACA member attorneys. Plus, folk just like you, learning how to do this the very best way possible. For some, that means defending themselves, and it sounds to me that is what you are after. Am I right? @Clydesmom laid your options out in her closing paragraph. Were you aware of them prior to now? They are worth carefully considering because each of our circumstances and cases are unique. Only you know what route suits you best. Peers & pros are here to help you make an ___informed___ decision, in the event you ask for help. But first, everyone is asked to read through here, CLICK! http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/forum/187-please-read-before-posting-board-announcements/ Then, we are each to start our case's thread in the forum by copying and pasting the following questionnaire. Since you already started your case's thread before laying the groundwork, you can go back to your thread-opening post, select EDIT, SELECT ALL, DELETE. Then, PASTE and insert your answers to the questionnaire. Post it and you will begin to receive responses. P.S., It is most helpful to title your thread with inclusion of your state (NY) and OC/CA/Plaintiff's Attorney, or, legal firm Best of success to you! The ball will start rolling right once you start the thread for your case right. Warmly, FIRST TO CLICK, http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/forum/187-please-read-before-posting-board-announcements/ SECOND TO CLICK, COPY, PASTE, COMPLETE & POST, http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/242744-qs-to-answer-when-posting-in-this-forum-please-read/ Warmly,
  16. @credit2011 Regarding your now-closed bank account's old statements proving your date of last payment, which is an easy hurdle to overcome with banks still open for business, but also doable with closed banks, (just takes longer). Which reminds me, this will not likely have the turnaround time, for example, of your annual free credit reports from the (3) usual agencies, which you pulled to compare with their alleged copies of your credit report, just in case, whoopsies! Once again, AS USUAL, they made some whaddayaknow helpful-to-them, detrimental-to-you "transposition / human error / mis-keyed character, same-name, wrong-SSA#, etc This will likely take weeks, not days. Step 1 Go the bank where you used to hold the account. Any branch will work for your purposes. In some cases, making the request online will also work, especially if the bank does not have a local branch. Step 2 Ask to speak to a bank manager or a personal banker because as a teller will not be able to help you with this in most cases. Step 3 Provide the old account number and proof that you are the account holder. This will require at the very least a state-issued photo identification card. Additionally, you may need to present a secondary form of identification such as a Social Security card or passport. Step 4 Request the statements for the months you need them. Depending on the bank's storage policy and the age of the account, this may be readily available or the bank may need to check its archives, which may take several days or week. Be prepared for a fee per page for this service. Step 5 Leave your contact information with the bank officer. The bank may ask you to return to pick up the statements or the statements may be mailed to you. CREDIT, http://budgeting.thenest.com/obtain-statements-closed-bank-account-31027.html Warmly, P.S., We are all obliged to have something like seven (7) years of financial proofs, (which they each USPS to us on the monthly, in most cases), thereby avoiding the above chore, (and the per-statement cost involved), so, maybe enjoy perusing the accordian file folders at the $1 - $3 spot upon entering Target, and start 2015 off right by delegating a slot for each statement, (the files even come with the tidy labels!). They are well into Year 3 over here and, though just cheap Target junk, are standing up to frequent use, and, proving quite handy for their color-coded & various graphic designs making them discrete and easy-to-locate, too. For example, the magazine people love to stuff my mailbox, and with the demographics of our home, magazines continually arrive for every interest. Keeping renewals straight was an exercise in futility. Then, Target sold me a small, yellow, 12-compartment accordian folder. Now, I have the compartments in doubled-up alphabetical order, and, each magazine's renewal + proof-of-payment paper-clipped together. So, when, for example, Glamour sent their, "HURRY! EXPIRATION NOTICE!", this week, I easily whipped out the very chubby yellow accordian, flipped to "GHI", shuffled through until the paper-clipped bundle for Glamour, and whaddaya know, there they all were, in chronological order, 1- & 2-year paid renewals covering the girls' crucial need for this subscription until 2021! Scheech! Prior to the accordian folder, when these subscription notifications arrived in the mail, I would just call out, "Does anyone still want <name of magazine>? Renew, or cancel, accordingly and move on. Now, we are transitioning to a more reasonablmethod, asking, "Will anyone want Seventeen magazine after becoming 18? Does anyone still want J-14 after highschool? And, sending in refund requests for the balances when cancelling. Always nice getting money in the mail, instead of yet another bill! Anyway! I once had to order "back statements", (which ran me $8.00 per month, back in the mid-1990s!), so, I related to where you were at in the post, above. I have never had to order an old statement since, because they are all on-hand! I hope the system works for you, too! P.S., I once had a $90.00 billing error with Verizon phone services. Because I had my prior original statements in-hand while on the phone with them the 2nd time, (the 1st time I thought a simple phone call would fix things), the CSR was able to see on her screen the area of the page I was able to direct hger to and, FINALLY!, my account got back nearly $100.00! Worth a couple of $1 - $3 accordian folders and a moment slipping the paperwork into the right slot instead of the crosscut shredder? For me it is! I hope you try the steps, above, for getting your statements, and, the accordian file method, and, share any nifty ideas of your own! In this forum, my personal favorite, by far, is the binder with layout @Homelessinca describes in his solid gold thread on-site. IMO, no defendant should be without it, AND, the excellent @Homelessinca flow calendar to keep track of all time windows to receive, deliver, appear, etc + exactly when something arrived, or was sent out, with regard to those time windows in the calendar. Genius! Pure genius! It makes all these snowballing details easily manageable! Anyway! I hope this is helpful. I am currently nervously rambling as my next court is in a mere 19 hours. Please, send Positive Energies! Positive Energies! Positive Energies! Warmly,
  17. @Anon Amos How, exactly, does one "do some research on a judge"? I ___SO___ would very much like to spend some hours doing just that today! Court is 10a.m., tomorrow! Positive energies! Positive energies! Positive energies!
  18. OK! I am trying to upload using Samsung Galaxy 3 10.1 It is Android. I click Attach and no files display. I click Basic Uploader and immediately get to delve among both downloaded doc & images and everything else sent to, or created with, this machine, (Android). Do I need some app, or, ??? Sorry to be doing this right here, right now - my court is 10a.m., tomorrow and I have wanted to / been trying to upload some pages for critique with increasing intensity since October, and very most strongly since our hearing two weeks ago, tomorrow, (when they ganded over their thick stack of pages, saying, and I quote, "Don't bother with any but the last page, it's the only one the matters.", in tones as though he were my loving & caring grandpa, the family attorney, just looking out for his favorite grandchild - me, not CACH! LOL! I keep thinking that was a violation, not to mention hounding me at my heels, totally scant micrometers from me, all the way, only stopping to admire my car, which is when we finally parted company...isn't that an offense as well? Anyway! Not-at-all expecting answers on this, your-not-mine thread, just laying the basis for the usual upload instructions not working for me + my reason for desperately wanting to upload, (before court tomorrow), plus, my usual tanget, (about the opposition's perceived violations), but that's just me! LOL! Remember that Ray Stevens song, back in the weird mid-70s "daze"/days, "They Call Him the Streaker", well, change "streaker" to "rambler" and that's me! Looie here! Lookie there! Ramblin' rambler's everywhere! (((sigh))) I am pretty sure I have the 20-hours-to-court mental melt-aways and just need to exercise some selfcare, and.stop.rambling! LOL! It goes without saying, please send positive energies for tomorrow's 10a.m. court. Will update elsewhere afterward. Warmly, P.S., This is the song. Just click to play for free on YouTube., down 3 or 4 comments on the YouTube page is an interesting synopsis of Streaking, too. Hard to believe this decade's stodgie old retirees were the ones running around as naked as a buck white-tailed deer in Spring! I suppose the synopsis of the rambler won't ever be gotten around to - too busy ramblin' to get on-point! LOL! CLICK!
  19. @mrdwop Please, oh please, walk me through how to upload *.JPEG scanned files to the site! Thanks in advance! Warmly,
  20. Welcome!You are in the right place, surrounded in a supportive virual throng of experienced peers and expert attorneys, each ready to accompany you through this thicket of legal brambles that, once you spend some time here, daily, invested in your own case's victory, will no longer seem like more than the step-by-step legal ___process___that, in all reality, it truly is. The same as whipping something up by following a recipe in the kitchen, you will be able to whip up your case's defense by following specific steps for your case in a cake-like "recipe", first put this & this togather, (answer / response to complain / summons + proof of service), then, the next step, and so on... easy-peasy, but detailed, too. To begin, you need to do like everyone else, start your case's thread by copying, pasting, answering and opening your case's thread with what you see here CLICK! http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/242744-qs-to-answer-when-posting-in-this-forum-please-read/ Once you accomplish that, while folks read & respond, please read the essential links here, http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/forum/187-please-read-before-posting-board-announcements/ Warmly, (in California)
  21. I promise you this, Seadragon's keystrokes are golden. I am sure other heavy hitters on-site agree. No harm in double-checking, but these aren't generally the things jokes are made of. "-) Just always remember that 2 identical twins could present 2 identical cases with the identical plaintiff, before 2 similarly educated, experienced and leaning judges and STILL walk away with dissimilar outcomes. You are progressing through this very well! Warmly,
  22. LOL! Right you are on the "Script" observation! My carefully constructed Demand for BOP, sent out 11.04, was responded to, according to both POS & postmark, 72 hours later, 11.07. The envelope, constructed of plain brown paper, a pre-printed long envelope, and copious office tape - the shiny cheap stuff / not 3M by a long shot, contained well over 100 individual sheets of paper. 15 pages were marginally worth setting aside; 33% of the remainder were copies of the same routine cc statement insert: 33% of the remainder, I kid you naught, were blank sheets with one tiny square of black ink, only; 34% of the remainder were the final 3 years of some random alleged account up to the final statement following charge-off, showing zero balance. So, maybe 91% of all those papers were construed to distract, I suppose. Not that it worked! "-) Remember, they do this like the deli slaps together sandwiches, on the daily. For us, it used to be like re-invent7ng the wheel to go in pro per. With the advent of Internet, and this pro-consumer site, the access to experienced litigators' in pro per experiences begins to greatly level the playing field. Now, to address the legislation! Anyway, you're spot-on, it was just the usual SOS*, stuffed into the envelope by some under-paid & over-worked Joe, or, Jane paralegal, likely from the stockroom, where copies are piled on shelves, each stack with a tidy label. Getting boxes full of each page professionally printed is far less costly than our costs to home-print, page-by-page. Dagnabbit! But, then again, look at the thousands of churned through accounts they go through. Yep! Just like a catfish sifting the bottom of the muddy Mississippi River, hoping for that rare bit o' something "worth it". Dang bottom feeders! *SOS: Sack o' $#*+ "-) Warmly,
  23. http://www.tentantslaw.net/ By far my best suggestion, this NACA member barred and listing landlord tenant in both Manhatten, NY & California. But, there is also this option, http://www.amycklaw.com She is a NACA member barred and listing landlord tenant in both Texas & California Lastly, http://www.consumerjusticeesq.com/ He is a NACA member barred and listing landlord tenant in both Washington, DC & California. In closing my contributions to this thread, I truly wish your friend in Bakerfield, and her son, resolution in this matter, a safe & warm winter, and happier times ahead. They are fortunate to have a caring friend in you. May that your own social life be similarly fortunate. Glad tidings of the season to all! Warmly,
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