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  1. Yeah I saw that. Calawyer has been helping me get then ready to send out. With school and work, I've been swamped and I'm trying to get them edited as soon as I can. Thanks again for your ongoing help.
  2. Thanks Seadragon. Would I just edit those to show my details and the details of the JDB? Or do I have to set up my own questions and such?
  3. calawyer said to post in this thread and someone would give me a link. He provided a link with some good info, I'm just trying to nail down what I should send and when, and what it should say. I already sent a BoP earlier. That's when they countered with the RFA/ROGS/Docs. I answered those with help from calawyer and others.
  4. Oh and I'm sorry I missed the other post. The info they sent me was indeed a single piece of paper.
  5. So I need a template for sending my own RFP's. Can any of you kind people assist me?
  6. Resurgence is ruthless. I am thinking I should be getting a RFA and ROG's for them together, no? @tatia52 I can help you with the BoP. Calawyer helped me with it, so I'd like to pay it forward. Just PM me if you like.
  7. Yeah, I just checked, and it says Forward Flow Receivable Sales Agreement, and the date, and under that Bill of Sale. It's marked as exhibit 4. It was the exact same thing they sent in the summons.
  8. Honestly, I think it says both on it. I'll check when I get home and report back.
  9. They did send me a forward flow agreement. That's what had the price blacked out. Anyhow, I sent the papers to the JDB lawyers on Friday via Overnight mail. I saw it was signed for Monday morning, which is before the deadline of Tuesday. I'm sure they were hoping I was going to forget. What's next?
  10. Ok. I'm trying to get this sent out on Friday at the latest. I have two cases, so two for each case. I think calawyer said I can use the same envelope for everything since its going to the same place. I was going to put them in individual envelopes and then put those into a big Priority Mail envelope and get signature confirmation so they don't try and say it never arrived (again).
  11. So maybe add that after a reasonable search, no documents were found? Or something to that extent?
  12. Yeah. The generic bill of sale with the price they paid blacked out. The same thing that was in the summons.
  13. Yeah, they sent me a response. According to calawyer, it was inadequate. For example, I asked for full statements and agreement and they sent me an exemplar statement or whatnot.
  14. Oh and calawyer helped me with the RFA's. He came up with a great draft. I guess once I send these off, I'll need to send them RFA/ROG's of my own?
  15. My responses to the docs was something like this: Defendant has no such documents in his/her possession at this time. Defendant reserves the right to amend his/her responses per the rules of civil procedure if such documents become available. Does that sound okay? I think I got it from the template, I'm not sure. Or calawyer may have written it up. Either way, does it fly with my case? Also, the his/her thing in the responses. Should I leave it like that or choose his for my case, her for my wifes?
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