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  1. Did you got o trial?? What has transpired? I also have received a suit from Crown.




  2. Thanks. I guess I am just feeling a little overwhelmed at this point. I have been filing motions and objections etc, and I just don't feel that the JP is even reading what I am sending in to her. This last one to do the MSJ is just a little overwhelming I guess. I am attempting to do as I was instructed by the folks on here and I hope it amounts to something. I thank you for your comments. I'm not even sure what I need to be swearing to in the affidavit I was told to make sure and include. Anyway, just hoping to get this over with, because as you say, it has been almost a year. I will get over it and get back to work now.
  3. @texasrocker and @saytar OK, another question. Based on rule 503.5 could I request mediation at this point, since it appears that I may be in a losing battle here? As I read this in the rules, it does not seem to have a timeframe, but says that the state supports alternative dispute resolution. Might this be a time to play this card?
  4. @texasrocker and @saytar Rocker and Saytar, OK, from what I am seeing above I need to do three or four things here and I am not sure what can be bundled together. Can I ask for the continuance as part of the MSJ or should I do the motion for continuance separately? As far as the affidavit, what am I speaking to there and what do I do, just find someone to notarize it for me? Lastly, with the MSJ, do I send it in then call and ask to schedule a hearing or is there something separate that I need to file to request the hearing? I am currently working on the MSJ. TRobinson
  5. @texasrocker Rocker, No, I have actually had nothing from them since the last discovery. Do you have an example of the motion for summary judgement? If so I will start on it right away. I really hope I don't have to go to trial.
  6. @texasrocker I called them today and the clerk says that the JP will hear verbal arguments just before the trial. Now what?
  7. @TomnTex and @texasrocker Folks I am a little panicked on this since the date is coming up at the end of the month for the trial. Can I do what shellieh98 recommends above in Texas? Should I just prepare to argue this in court? Is there another alternative? I need some sage advise from you guys.
  8. Hello All, I received this from the Court in reference to my Motion to Compel. Not real sure what this means, so any comments or insights would be appreciated. Response _Motion_Compel_Redacted.pdf
  9. I could only upload the motion itself. The exhibits though are posted throughout this thread, so if anyone wanted to, you could go find them. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I plan to send this out no later than Friday the 15th. My_Motion to compel_Redacted.pdf
  10. Thanks Saytar. That is what I am trying to do. Just got really frustrated with all of the lawyers telling to settle yesterday, when it seems so clear to me that this is winnable.
  11. Every damn attorney I speak to tells me that I should just settle with the maggots! WTF?? When I tell them that I have already done all of this work and that I want them to just work with me on the motion to compel and finish off the case they all are saying, well you will not probably be happy when we have to settle anyway! I have told them that they basically just have a spreadsheet with my name on it and some robo-signed stuff they all seem to still just want to find a way to settle. Oh well, I guess I am on my own except for you guys. Please help me put together this motion to compel.
  12. I need some help drawing up the motion to compel. Can anyone give me some assistance with that?
  13. I got no response back on the request for the Forward Flow Receivables Purchase Agreements. I called them and they told me that they had requested them from the Client but have not gotten them back yet. I have sent a request for a continuance to the court because the trial date is on the 14th (Next Thursday). I am thinking that the next step is to file with the court for an order to compel. Any suggestions?
  14. Thanks folks. I will start on that letter right away.
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