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  1. Can anybody tell what credit card to get as far earning good airline mileage . I have 800 credit score. I do have Blue cash Capital One , and American Express. I was wondering if my be I should turn those 2 credit cards or one of them to airline mileage card ? Thanks for any suggestions .
  2. Hi, Please help me with this questions : I have 2 credit cards capitalOne with $ 6500 limit on it and I owne about $ 200 balance, and Amex card with $ 1000 balance on it and limit about $ 3000. I am trying to incress my credit score so what I should do ? Do I ask for increase on my credit cards limits and how hard to get the incress ? What us I should do please ? I have a home loan and no car loan. Thanks so much
  3. Can you please help me with this question. I pulled my all 3 credit report from , but none of the report had the date when the collection account will fall off is that normal not to show the actual date when the account will fall off and also not showing when the actual date of first delinquency of the last payment ? The only thing it showing is date when the collection take over or date when they assign the account to them and the balance on the account. Thank
  4. Hi, I was hopping someone can help me with this question please . I have a collection a account on my reports. 1 report has about 5 month left for the collection to fall and the other 2 credit bureaus reports about 7 month left on the collection account to fall of and I dont know why the collection account not falling off at the same time with all the 3 breause, but that ok because they are not that far a prart. My question is that I heard somtime the collection account can fall of couple month early, but I pulled my credit report with all the 3 bureaus ,but the collection account stil
  5. Hi again, You guys are great on giving information and helping each other. Thanks so much Can you please help me with my other posts I will be so grateful .
  6. Hi again Disputed again in April 2015 her are the result : April 2015.pdf Disputed again in May 2015 her are the result: May 2015.pdf Disputed in June 2015: June june 2015 3.pdf First time I disputed as Not my account in 2012 In April I disputed as inaccurate date OF THE DELINQUENCY and the report not show when the last payment it was made to OC ON THE ACCOUNT. Well even it said the account STATUS : UPDATED I still do not see what the updated . I have not orderd a new report since I disputed the account they send a report with dispute result and I match the information to the
  7. What do you mean you paid $ 0 and collected $ 8k settlement? From where you got the $8k and how? Are the collection still on your reports? Thanks
  8. Thank you all for your replies and the ideas it sound great I did know about annual credit report , but I have to wait while because I puled early this year. I find a way to get discount on the witch it great!!!! Anybody knows about and what do you think please I really want to know about this site? Also is it worth it to get reports and monitoring from one of your credit cards ? Thanks again
  9. Thanks for the reply. I am sorry to ask you this even you told me not to pay for the service, but if I do want to pay for the service do you recommend any body out there ? I also rely like to know my actual credit score now even I am not buying anything to prepare better that why I want to buy that from is that the place to do that ? Thanks again
  10. Hi everybody , Can you please tell if you know the the different betewen the Amex and Capital One credit card monitoring services ? It looks like Capital One don't charge for the service, but I think it only moniters Transition and I don't know if they even give credit reorts with the service? As far the Amex card I don't know how much cost and if comes with all 3 credit reorts and monitoring ? witch is better?
  11. Hi everybody, I would like to monitor my credit report daily do you know witch the best service for the money I keep hearing about this CreditCheckTotall site is it any good or if you know something better I can use ? I also want to buy my all 3 Credit Reports with Scores from I beleive it cost about $ 59.99 Do you know if you can get a discount on that price ? Thanks
  12. Hi everybody, Please help me within questions: I ordered my Experian Credit Report, but one collection account the report those not show what year the account will fall off ? So how do I know when the account will fall off? My other question if I dispute a account on my credit report will disputing it will effect anything on my report from hurting my credit score or reseting the 7 year reporting date back or anything like that ? What is all effects that happens on your report when you dispute account ? Thanks for any help.
  13. Do you think will be a good idea to send a copy of a settlement offer that the collection send me with my dispute letter about Obsolete; incorrect information about the collection account the reason why I am thinking about sending the settlement letter copy because it has this words on it and this what it said : Because of the age of your debt , we will not sue you for it. If you don't pay the debt, we may continue to report it to the Credit Reporting Agencies as UNPAID. I am thinking my be if the see that the collection saying that the debt it past the age my be they will have a proof an
  14. Those any body knows how to to attache or upload the letters with my post. I am trying to post something, but I would like to upload image or letter with it. I need to know what I need to click on ? Thank
  15. Hello again, If you were to settle with JBD, it will not change the date the entry was originally scheduled from Original Creditor to fall off your CR is this true ? Or those it start the seven year at all over again from the date of your last payment to the OC ? Thanks