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  1. Yeah I understand that it will fade away over time but I am 24 and looking to get a house within the next year or so. Also in between the time I sent the letter and received a response I had to get an auto loan for a used car as my engine died in my old car. So now I am in an even tighter situation and was hoping that someone could shed some personal experience that they have had with Citi Bank/Zales. I really would like to continue to pursue this issue and not give up as it would help me immensely to get this 1 bad remark removed. Please share if anyone has any tips! Thanks so much!
  2. So it took forever but I finally got a response. A very generic denial of my personal request that was posted to my online zales account and not even mailed back to me. I am unsure how to proceed to actually get someone to legitimately respond, this is what they sent me back: ---------------------------------- Dear Ferin, Why we're writing you Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding your Zales Diamond Card account. Unfortunately, we are unable to change the information reported to the credit reporting agencies listed below, as it accurately reflects your account history with us.
  3. Absolutely, I am sending it out and will report back! Thanks again.
  4. Thanks lionhunter for a quick reply! Good idea, I will definitely add a segment at the end with that. I definitely want to hear back even if I don't get it. I have my contact info in my actual draft. I have never used certified return receipt mail and it may be beneficial so thank you for the input.
  5. Hello all! This is my first time posting so I apologize if I am in the wrong place. I missed a payment because of a stupid mistake and would like to get a late payment remark removed from my account. I paid off the late payment immediately and was finally getting my credit score up past 700 because of eliminating some utilization. Of course timing is awful and this late payment happened right when I was doing well because of computer error and me failing to double check that I had all my payments in. Now my score is below 640. I want to ask your expert opinions on a goodwill letter I have co