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  1. To those that gave me helpful advise, "Thank you". To Clydesmom... that was quick to reprimand, criticize and correct me personally, I DO NOT NEED NOR WANT YOUR ADVICE!!. It's too difficult to get ANY clarity on any advise you may have, that perhaps would otherwise be helpful, if it weren't for your ill and rude manner in explaining it... Oh!! and regarding the "text talk" that you have difficulty in reading, "my advise to you" is when you see any of my entries on here, "MOVE ON"!
  2. I used portions of the DV letter sample on here, I am aware that I am not to use it as a bible n copy n paste the entire letter...I am not clear as to why u consider the sample letter to be 95% wrong n u think it should be deleted...I thought the purpose of this site is to learn how to repair your own credit using the information provided on here. The DV letter I sent was within the 30 days in reply to a letter I received from CA, informing me that another company has these accounts, my original dispute was with one CA via credit bureaus and the DV letter with CA #2. The hospital does accept Medicaid. It looks like the CA provided the verification they needed in reply to my letter...I will look into these charges through the hospital billing department...Thanks for the suggestion,
  3. I recently found a few accounts in collection for medical bills... I disputed with credit bureaus first, then I sent a debt verification letter following the letter sample on this site. I just received a reply from the CA . They replied with a partial verification, they claim the money I owe is for doctors and medical services I received at the hospital ER a year and a half ago, but they did not provide me with copies of any papers that show I agreed to pay what they claim I owe,also they did not show verification that they are licensed to collect in my state and did not provide me with any license numbers and registered agent. I don't even know why I was charged for any of these services at the ER, because I provided the hospital with my medicaid information. I am not too sure what my next step should be. Do I send another letter telling them that they only send a partial verification or should I say that I should not have had any charges because I provided the hospital with medicaid documentation? Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. I asked for advice, and instead I received someone's negative unhelpful comments...therefore I have decided to delete my post.
  5. Thank u so much...for your advice, Tomn. Yes, if it's only my husband's income on the mortgage, then it would be too low to qualify, maybe for a hut...lol, but not for the home. Once again, thank u:)
  6. Hi, I am new to this forum...I have a question. My husband is in the process of applying for a FHA/Bond mortgage loan to purchase a new home. His income is Social Security (SSD), the income is broken down in four, meaning he gets the largest amount of income in one check and me and our two children get 3 smaller beneficiary separate checks. When my husband submitted the 1099 forms, he was told that in order to use the total income, that they need to add me to the loan and require both credit scores. My husband would like to use only his score because mine is too low. I don't understand why, they are counting my income as separate, when the 1099 forms have my husband's social security number on them. I am not employed, the total income it's all part of his Social Security benefits. Back in 2007, we got a mortgage, using only my husband's score and our income was the same as now, (Social Security) the total household income was used to obtain the loan and I was only on the deed. Is this a new rule? Or is it, what this lender requires? Please help! We have been renting a home for 4 years now, have great rental history, really want to be homeowners again. Thanks for reading,
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