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  1. Did some checking and couldn't find any information online, i only see that the case has been disposed. I don't have a problem with paying the debt, but I was suspicious because the address is incorrect and there's no information about what the debt is. Can anyone point me toward any other resources? Again, this is in NY Civil court, and I'm in SC - so going to the clerk's office is not an option.
  2. Today this comes in the mail, referring to a judgement made against me in 8/06. First, I was never served - the address on their letter is one where I've never lived, and I wasn't even in the Country at the time. Second, there's no information about the original debt, so there's no way to verify the amount. Also the letter arrived through my bank - notification that they are freezing the amount in question. - not from them. I see that these guys are shady, so I'm not sure exactly how to proceed. Do I ask for the judgement to be voided because I was never served? How do I answer the subpoena? Can I counter sue them for the bank fees? I live in SC, but the action was taken in New York. How can I manage this long distance?
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