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  1. I didn't realize that not sharing that info would make a difference. Let's say that the OC is FIA/BoA and the JDB is PRA. Age of the debt is about a year, and the amount is less than $3500. As for general sessions court, I feel like I agree that it's sort of anything goes. That's one reason I was glad to have the continuance.. because I felt like I would be made a mockery if I tried to point out the flaws in their evidence in such an atmosphere. I was hoping that filing motions in writing would be more effective. Care to expound on why these efforts wouldn't fly? TIA
  2. Thank you for referring to someone who can help me! I will definitely be giving him a call today. I have been a little worried about contacting an attorney for various reasons, but I am thrilled to know this one has a good reputation here. Thank you thank you thank you
  3. Hello, I'm pretty new to this site, but it has so far been quite helpful in forming a defense as I am in the process of fighting a lawsuit. Just a few weeks ago, I was feeling overwhelmed by my situation, but a little bit of research in the last week has me feeling optimistic about the opportunity that I have to defend myself. I would like some input as I move forward if anyone has information that would fit my particular situation. I am also lurking about and proactively seeking answers. I'm not 100% comfortable with putting the exact specifics of my circumstances on here, so I'm sorry if a