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  1. Thanks guys for the discourse here, I'm learning a lot and trying to take it all in. The medical bills are from the hospital, not the clinic. If memory serves, my doctor at the clinic, ordered blood work which was sent to the hospital and then I just got a bill. No one talked to me about prices, insurance, or charity care. I never stepped into the hospital, talked to hospital staff, or signed a contract for the amount they billed me. But the clinic knew I didn't have insurance because I had to pay out-of-pocket at the time I saw the doctor. I appologize because this is all really confu
  2. Thank you guys so much! I can't tell you how much I appriciate your help with this. I would never have found this stuff on my own. After reading up on WA Sate Charity Care, I believe I would have qualified. At the time of these bills, I had no insurance and I was either unemployed, or very low income. I do not have the dates, but I do know I was never offered or informed about Charity Care, this is the first I've ever heard of it. From what I can garner from the readings, the services covered by Charity Care would include anything the hospital did for me, such as blood work??? (its not
  3. Hi guys, first time here. I live in a small town in Washington and my resources here seem to be very limited. I've never been sued before but I received a summons yesterday for 3 different medical bills rolled into one, totally 298 dollars (can they even do that?). I called the collection agency (Armada), scared to death, and was ready to pay the 427 dollar bill that it had increased to. However the woman told me, since it was now filed with the court I also had to pay attornies fees and so forth, now totally 841 dollars (i'm pretty sure it doesn't cost $400 to file a complaint). I know i