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  1. Since, I did not send the CC96 in response to their CCP98. CAn I still object their CCP98 verbally on trial? If yes, Please help me how to and what to say as far as to obejecting that declaration.......... I am new to this and its my first time to have trial...I don't understand some of the legal terms... Please help guys....I feel hopeless...
  2. I tried to search what is the SOL in California, what I have searched so far is 4 years for written contract. Question: When is the SOL typically starts? Type of Account is Revolving Credit Card.
  3. No, there is another address the declarant says s/he will be available for service of process during 20 days prior to trial and it's a C/O address with one of those entities who does Service of Process (based on website). and it's like 6 miles from the court house.
  4. There are two addresses in CCP98. One is the address of the employee of PRA stating that he is doing business in Norfolk ,Virginia, and it's like thousand miles from the courthouse. The other address is the address of their Hired Attorney's I believe, and it is San Jose California which is about 300 miles from the courthouse.
  5. I have a trial on Nov 6, sued by Portfolio Recovery. Only if I have read this earlier and found this website earlier. I might probably have done so much in order to win my case. But I just found this website or community 2 days ago. I just want to ask, is the Motion In Limine9MIL) and Trial Brief can still be done on my part even though my trial is in a week?
  6. Yeah, I know, it's kinda late in the game. But thank you for the information. I will keep that in mind that I need to attack the cc98. I am reading that thread about Midland and am reading some thread too, trying to get some points or maybe can get what "choice of words" I need to say on my trial. I just hope and pray that it will be dismissed. Thanks again
  7. What is CMC (Case Management Conference)? I never had a Case Management Conference with PRA. Do I need to file this form CM-110 ? Or can I use this against PRA that we never had a case management conference?
  8. Some I have read from this website that I need to file a CC96? How can I do this? Please help. On the declaration of Plaintiff that I received. It was from "Hunt Enriquez Atty at Law in San Jose California. What Benefit it gives me if I file the CC 96? Can I still file this even though my court appearance will be on November 6, 2014? Please help
  9. Hello all, I am being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates in Los Angeles CA,. I have a court appearance next week. The amount is roughly 1,900 dollars. I need some inputs, guidance or advice on how to handle this matter. I was served by a process server at my home several months ago. After I received the complaint I went to the court house and filed a general denial response. In the general denial form, there is a portion where it asking you the reason of your denial. I wrote that there is no evidence or documentations that can prove their (PRA) claim. Then, on Aug 2014 before the court appearance, PRA sent me a copy of the "Declaration of Plaintiff in Lieu of Personal Testimony at Trial." they sent to the court where I was required to appear, and received my copy via UPS overnight delivery . There is an attachment which they refer to as "Exhibit A" . Attached in the Exhibit A are the following 1.) "Bill of Sale" GE signed by "I don't know" who because the signature are not readable and there is no print name under the signature. 2.) Then, there is this spreadsheet which states when the account was opened, date it was charged off, last payment made and the summary amount of roughly 1,200.00 dollars. It was written on a white plain paper, again, a copy not original. 3.) The last document is "Affidavit of Sale " stating that the declarant is a Collections Operation Representative at GE Bank & that she reviewed the debt and was sold to PRA in 2010. It was written on a plain white paper , notarized by a Notary Public in MInessota County of Ramsey, then there are some "copies" of a Sears statements. PLEASE HELP ME WHAT TO DO. I have a court appearance a week and I need some help. I cannot afford to hire an attorney, I am jobless at this time. To those who have experienced the same and have won against PRA, please share what you did and what you have said before the court. I am reaching out to all of you. Please help, I'd like to win on this case.