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  1. Hello All! Actually, I lived 4 hours away due to my job. I did not know that would have any bearing. Thank you all for replying. I have until Nov 20 (or before) per the lawyers who are wanting to transfer the judgment, to come up with something, whether it be some sort of settlement letter or motion to vacate. Yes, I wish I had known about this site years ago. I have successfully defended myself before in court a couple of years later with information from this site, but at the time of this issue I was dealing with a service that didn't help me much with proper information. Ah, to be able to move on from bad decisions... Thank you all, again! Best, MA
  2. Thank you for the response! I am going to talk to an attorney sometime next week and see what is suggested. I may just try to vacate. We'll see.
  3. Hello! I posted on the post judgment forum today and my fears were pretty much confirmed about not being able to vacate the judgment. (My husband was served for me in Sept 2008. I ended up moving to CO for a job in November of 2008 and was unable to attend the hearing. I did file a motion to dismiss due to not being in the state, but that was denied by the Minnesota court.) It is going to be transferred from Minnesota to Oregon...most likely. The law firm has yet to file with the court, but will do so on or before November 20, 2014. Any advice on how to settle this debt? It is a CITIBANK debt. The original Judgment was for $5,322.83, the Plaintiff now wants $6,439.31. The notice was sent to me by a law firm, Suttle & Hammer, out of WA state. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you! MA
  4. Thanks! I was going to try to Vacate the Judgment due to the fact that I was not residing in Minnesota at the time of the court date. I did not even know about the SOL on Judgments. Thanks for that info!
  5. Hello All, Here is the background on my issue: On Sept 16, 2008, my husband was served a summons for me for a Citibank debt. At the time, I was interviewing and then subsequently took a job in Durango, CO. I started living and working in Durango in mid-November of 2008. As the suit progressed, I filed a Motion to Dismiss in July of 2009, due to the jurisdiction issue, i.e. I could not defend myself as I was no longer living in MN. This was denied and I received a default judgment. Five years later, I receive a Notice of Filing Foreign Judgment to transfer the Judgment from Minnesota to Oregon, where I live now. Note that the paperwork has not been filed by Suttle & Hammer, the attorneys for CITIBANK. They have indicated in the documents that they will file in the court on or before November 20, 2014. Given that I was served via my husband and I did not respond (I don't even recall all of the goings-on at this time, not the least stressful time of my life) to the initial summons per the Minnesota court, should I even bother with trying to vacate the judgment in Oregon? Or should I just try to negotiate a settlement? The original Judgment was for $5,322.83, the Plaintiff now wants $6,439.31. (I still find it so strange that the Plaintiff is CITIBANK, even though they discharged the debt so long ago I am sure.) Any input is welcome. Thank you!
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