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  1. I'm in Dallas, the lawsuit was filed by Portfolio recovery with some atty in Virginia. I didn't have any court cost, I filled adv answer to the suit and it didn't cost anything to respond.
  2. Back in Aug 2014 i was served with a lawsuit from Portfolio Recovery on a GE credit card that went bad in 2010. At first i panicked, my first thought was to call them and make a payment arrangement. But after speaking with my husband he told me to hold off and do some research. So i sat back for about a week and did some thinking. The first thing i did was file an answer to lawsuit. I simply stated that the Statute of limitation in Texas is 4 years and that this debt is Time barred. I also stated that if they pursued this lawsuit i would file suit against them for violating my fair credit rights. I sent Portfolio a certified copy of my answer and trotted myself down to the courthouse to file it. Shortly after i got a court date in the mail of Nov 7 2014, yep just YESTERDAY. I went to court yesterday prepared to argue my case and guess what. The judge started court promptly at 1.00pm. I was the first case he called "Portfolio vs ME" as i nervously walked to the bench he smiles and says PORTFOLIO DIDN'T SHOW UP SO CASE IS DISMISSED. ENJOY YOUR DAY YOUNG LADY!! Whoooo hooo i could have did a cartwheel out of that courtroom.....lol