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  1. Portfolio Recovery sent me a summons through my courthouse. I answered it and now how to go to mandatory arbitration unless I can work something out with Portfolio. This past Friday I received a letter from them saying they will cut my total amount in half if I agree to make payments to them. I checked my credit report and there is nothing on there anything from Capital One or Portfolio Recovery, but Portfolio is telling me I owe them. Should I believe them and settle with payments or continue with choosing an arbitrator? I have until December 1st to let Portfolio know or they will "move
  2. Backstory: Received summons from Portfolio Recovery and their lawyer. Responded with a answer that denied the charges. Send a letter form the courthouse saying the judge has "assignment to arbitration". The person from the courthouse to sent the letter said I could contact Portfolio Recovery and get this worked to avoid arbitration. I went to their website and filed a complaint asking that they please send the original contract to prove this is mine (I have a cousin on my husbands side with the same first and last name and there have been a few mix-ups in the past) and if it is, I will gl
  3. So I guess my other question is what does mean to seek exemption from arbitration? Is this something I should consider?
  4. I apologize, but I'm clueless on some of the termonology. Portfolio said it was through Capitol One. I'm not sure what a CC is? Is to to late to contact Portfolio about terms and conditions in effect this since a letter has already gone out about the court ordered arbitration? Do most credit places like Portfolio stop pursuing at this point? I'm just really confused on what to do.
  5. ....meaning they told me I have 14 days to pick an arbitrator. I guess we both (plaintiff and me) have to pay the fee?
  6. This was ordered by the court after I submitted my answer to a summons.
  7. I live in Oregon and was sent a summons letter a month ago from Portfolio Recovery. I replied with my "answer" and yesterday I received "Notice of Assignment to Arbitration". Not sure what to do. I checked my credit report and there is nothing there from this company. I have had credit cards in the past, but stopped using them years ago. There was no proof sent with the summons that this card is mine. Here are my questions: Should I wait the 14 days to see if Portfolio pays the fees for arbitration or do they normally drop it. What is "Motion for Exemption of Arbitration" and "Order