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  1. Listen to Clydesmom. I'm in the middle of dealing with ERC listing a Sprint bill on my husband's report...when we're still with Sprint under his name. I followed up his DV letter CMRRR with a DV fax from an account under my name. Next thing I know, ERC is pulling MY credit report. Nasty little roaches. I filed my complaint last week. Now the TL is gone from my husband's report at least for now.
  2. Turns out the closet bank to our house is a credit union. They info on their site looks good. Open on Sundays, which is perfect because my husband gets his paycheck on Saturday night (no direct deposit, his boss is very old school). Hubby and I are going to swing by it tomorrow and talk to them. Sometimes they offer you better stuff to get you to sign up if you're starting to walk away. Got a higher interest rate with my kids' saving account that way. I remember my first credit card was secured and my score was really good enough after a year that my bank switched me to $10k unsecured "st
  3. Yes, I actually have two. One for the joint with my husband and a second one for my joint with my disabled mother.. My husband has two debits as well, the joint with me and the joint with our oldest (still a minor) son. Does it report to the CBAs? The only stuff on AMEX prepaid that I've found doesn't report. If I can get the 2 collections removed and the good closed card falls off, I'll show nothing. I might switch to it for my middle son's prepaid card, though. Thanks for the tip on it. I've heard good things about credit unions. I'll see what I have local. Thanks!
  4. I've been banking with a major bank for nearly 20 years with my checks direct deposited for the last 15 years or so. Have a joint checking and savings with my husband and three savings accounts for each of my kids. Had two credit cards that I paid off and closed with no late payments. They've already denied me for an unsecured card and their secured card charges way too many fees.
  5. I posted here a few months back about medical collections showing up on my report and I'm happy to say I've vanquished all but 2 of them on my report and 3 on my husband's. I should have the problem ones off our reports soon. If not, they'll all fall off within 2 years or so. Now that I'm mostly done with the negative, it's time to build the positive. My husband has never had a credit card and I was dumb and paid all of mine off then closed them 7-8 years ago. One one is till showing on my Experian report as a positive, but it could disappear at any time. We're thinking of using part of our
  6. I pulled my credit reports earlier this month and was surprised to find 10 medical debts in collections. These collections were not there a year ago. I had not received a single notice in the mail or phone call, despite having the exact same phone number and address for over 20 years. I sent a letter requesting validation to the four separate CAs handling them. So far, only one has responded and the letter simply stated the amount due on each account on their files, the same abbreviated name of the OC I found on my credit report, and an offer to pay 75% of the debt with removal from my credit