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  1. I got a judgement against me back in 2015. From Cach LLC represented by neuhisel law firm in CA. Wells Fargo is freezing my account which I only had $124 in checking and approx 2,700 in savings. My question is I know I have 10 days until the bank releases the funds to the sherif and then that money goes to the creditor. So let’s say I wait 10 days and I am ok to have them take my money for the debt I owe which is less than 3K so that I can settle this for once and for all .whats the process to get a “ satisfied judgement” how long is it until I can use my bank account again ? . Will neuishal l
  2. It all started last year, my case is in california and i had a lawsuit against me for the amount around 1,800. I have went to court and tried to fight the case the best i can but it seemed that the judge was more in favor towards the plaintiff. I had no way to lower the amount i owed and i tried to do a payment plan but it was already too late. so i end up loosing the case and now i have a judgement against me for the amount now of @2500 that is with the lawyer fees , etc. So now its 2016 and i am barely making it to survive. so i have a car that's already payed off under my name its a ( 8
  3. I'm trying to negotiate for lower amount but they only gave me a $500 discount ... They gave me an option to pay the full amount into monthly payments and put $500 down today! Which I can't do I told them I can come up with $1200 to pay in full but I owe $2215 . And the lowest they can take for a lump sum amount is $1710 . And the lady I spoke to said the offer expires tomorrow . I don't want to give them my bank info
  4. I LOST the case against CACH, LLC recently. i need some 411 in how i can reduce the amount i owe in judgement. right now i owe them $ 2,250.46 which i currently dont have. How much percentage should i negotiate with them . I can get money but i want to see if i can negotiate first. Should i write a letter or call them directly ?
  5. oh one more thing i mentioned to the judge i sent a CCP 96 to the law firm and he didnt bother to acknowldege the fact that they never responded to my CCP96 i guess it doesnt matter right ? i mean he didnt seem like it did matter in this case.
  6. My court date was actually today . The Civil Bureau who was intended to serve my Subpoena stated they didnt have enough time to serve my papers since it was a sheriff that i wrote a check for . I was so upset. Any way i did not win my Case .BOOOO , I did state the following to the JUDGE . I stated that the Affidavants are not admissable in CA trial Evidence code 1200 Case cite ( Elkins Vs Superior Court ) . HE STATED THAT IT IS ADMISSABLE ...AND THAT HE DOESNT HAVE TIME TO LOOK AT THE CASE I CITED. He kept saying since their is no witness here that you called to testify if this document
  7. So your stating that the Law firm is suing you is Neuheisel ???? from my knowledge is it From Sacramento CA location ??
  8. any advice while going to court against these CACH LLC Representative lawyers ?
  9. Does anyone have a sample letter Notice to appear at trial ? Should it be on pleaded paper?
  10. @calawyer thank you for that link. So i am about 15 days out till my Court date. I already spoke to a sheriff office in the county i am going to serve my subpoena too . The question i do have is am i suppose to wait for their response to my CCP96 ? or should i just serve the subpoena to that law firm since the they have not provided the address to the following declarant ? I know that it is only to be served to and only the witness . I do have the attathed docments of the recent CCP98 they have sent me . it is attatched to one of my responses back in AUGUST. Thank you much everyone for a
  11. Is this the right form to subpoena??? http://www.courts.ca.gov/documents/sc107.pdf