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  1. if the collection agency does not show for court and I get the case dismissed can I get it removed from my credit report?
  2. Can the original creditor and the collection agency for the same debt both report? Can I have one of them removed so I'm not getting tagged twice for the same debt?
  3. I had a bankruptcy in 2011. On my credit report there are some negative reports from creditors that were included in the bankruptcy. Should I attempt to get them removed?
  4. @BV80 I had an employer that was paying a loan for educational purposes for me. I also signed the loan papers because I was told they had to have my signature to pull my school transcripts. This was back in 2008. Due to major health problems I was unable to complete the schooling. My employer continued to pay on this until 2012, leaving $1000.00 owing. In the mean time I had quit my job and moved out of state. I was unaware my old employer had stopped paying until I was served papers and was being sued. I have court on the 28th and I'm not sure how to proceed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Does the statute of limitations begin from date account opened or date first reported?
  6. I am making monthly payments on a medical bill as agreed AND receiving letters from a collection agency for the same debt. Is this legal.
  7. i worked for a company that signed a contract with me and made all payments for 4 years, one year left owing, then stopped paying. Employer continued to pay knowing I was unable to finish due to health reasons. I actually only completed one class in the first year and employer continued to pay. 4 years later I moved out of state then 2 years later I get papers saying I am being sued for $1000 still left owing by Troy capital. I know my employer continued to pay for at least 2 months after I left the company. Where do I go from here? HELP PLEASE
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