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  1. @Rogue198 Indeed, it is Care Credit. I didn't dispute with them. How would I do that? And how do I dispute it as invalid?
  2. I'm doing much better financially now, maybe I should hire a lawyer and let them sue and try to explain my position in court. If i lose, however, how can a judgement affect my credit score? I'm trying to repair my credit. Any recommendations for my best course of action right now?
  3. @TomnTex @BV80 A question referring to my original post. Can I add maybe something to the letter I already have like this offer or I will settle for half if you won't remove it of my CR? Or add something along the lines of I dispute the amount? I truly do. This was a credit line for dental services. I went in for one appointment that cost me around $300, but they said I need my teeth pulled and yada yada and charged up all my available credit for "future work". I never had it done, called them a few times to charge it back and they didn't, and now that dental office is permanently closed. I ne
  4. So from what I understand now, I should call the attorneys office and try to negotiate a settlement by phone and receive a letter of whatever we discuss in writing before paying a cent, and drop all hopes of removing entry from my CR?
  5. In the DV packet I received there is a Bill of Sale from the original creditor to the collections agency, which has a part that reads "Seller hereby transfers, sells, conveys, grants and delivers to Buyer, it's successors and assigns, without recourse except as set forth on the purchase agreement, to the extent of its ownership, the receivables as set forth in the notification files..."
  6. They are reporting on my CR, and I'm not sure about your second question, but the sum they are asking for is exactly the sum I owe to the original creditor, so I guess they're collecting for the original creditor.
  7. I have a debt in the $1400 range. I responded to the debt collectors original communication by sending a letter for debt validation. By the way, the SOL has not passed as this debt is only about 3 years old. In response to my letter, an attorneys office responded that represents the collection agency, validating the debt. They have not threatened to sue yet, and as of this point we have not communicated any more. In response I have prepared a variation of the pay for delete letter to the collection agency and attorneys office. The version to the CA: Dear Collection Manager: This letter is in r