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  1. FICO I don't know why I would post anything on here if it wasn't true. I also have 5 new accounts with a total of $15000 maybe they helped I don't know
  2. I just wanted to share my story with all of you since I've been using this forum a lot to resolve many of my questions about rebuilding credit. I started the new year with the purpose of fixing a rebulding my credit and so far it paid of. Back in January my report was packed with negative remarks. JANUARY 2015 COLLECTIONS --> AFNI - $2200 CAVALRY PORTFOLIO - $1500 CAVALRY PORTFOLIO - $700 CAVALRY PORTFOLIO - $2000 CMRE FINALCIAL - $100 CMRE FINALCIAL - $200 CMRE FINANCIAL - $120 CMRE FINANCIAL - $30 CMRE FINANCIAL - $50 MIDLAND FUNDING - $1200 MIDLAND FUNDING - $800 MIDLAND FUNDING - $1500 PORTFOLIO RECOVERY - $700 SECOND ROUND - $1500 PINNACLE CREDIT SERVICES $1000 ORIGINAL CREDITORS --> AMEX - $2000 BANK OF AMERICA - $1500 CAPITAL ONE - $1200 CAPITAL ONE - $800 CREDIT ONe BANK - $1500 FIRST PREMIERE BANK - $1000 MACYS - $400 LOWES - $300 WALLMART - $500 Since January I've been disputing most of these accounts. It's been a combination of direct disputes, credit bureaus disputes, emails and faxes to both collection companies and original creditos. I also filed BBB and CFPB compliants. For some disputes I used letters that I found in here but I added a lot more to those letters. I also created other letters for certain companies. Before I did anything I went to a mailbox company and opend a PO BOX address with a real address. For all of you who don't know about these servicesm these are companies that will allow you to use their address and then you will use your real po box address as you suit number. For example: 2334 York Avenue, Apt 23 Los Angeles, CA 90036 Your P.O. Box is #23 but they don't know. I only did ONE PAY FOR DELETE with CMRE FINANCIAL SERVICES, all others where disputed as "not mine" or "inaccuracies in their reporting". So far, as of today, I only have the following negative remarks on my credit report: MIDLAND FUNDING - $1200 MIDLAND FUNDING - $800 MIDLAND FUNDING - $1500 AMEX - $2000 CAPITAL ONE - $1200 CAPITAL ONE - $800 CREDIT ONe BANK - $1500 The one that I'm really having trouble with is Capital Oone and Credit One Bank who both sold their accounts to Midland Funding. I'm working on it and if they delete I will let you know. I sent an intent to sue letter an I'm awaiting for their response. The easiest to delete from the report were: AFNI, PINNACLE, SECOND ROUND and CAVALRY. All this in less than for months. When I started my score was 425 and now is up to EQ698 - TU700 - EX-712 Good luck everybody!
  3. I'm so excited that I got my second collection deleted with Second Round and so thankful to this forum and all of you. Thanks!
  4. Hi there, Ok so I've been trying to delete from my credit reports 5 entries from CMR Financial Services for medical services. They belong to medical bills that I thought they were covered by my insurance. After requesting validation to CMR, they replied with the amounts I owed. Then I requested invoices and they sent them to me but they just made those up as the date on those invocies was a recent date, so pretty much they made those when I requested them and they added on top the OC information. So I decided to call the original Medical Office to request the invoices. They said they don;t have invoices but they have the records of the services and what the money requested belons to. They were nice and gave me all information but they don't have invoices. So this confirms that CMR made up the invoices like they were coming from original creditor. My question is..... is it time to do a PAY FOR DELETE?, The bills are not too high ($130, $99, $102, $30 and $45) or should I fight this? Thanks
  5. @BV80 Was any information reported incorrectly?. They are reporting information differently to each credit agency. Like some dates are different. Also, they just updated my account as "At least 120 days or More than four payments Past Due". Can they report this? The amount is also going up because of interest but in the letters that they sent to me say that the interest on the account is 0% How are they reporting as the OC?, When pulling credit report the are two tabs. COLLECTION AGENCY and ORIGINAL LENDER. In Equifax, the tab COLLECTION AGENCY is blank and their name appear in ORIGINAL LENDER In Experian and TransUnion they appear in COLLECTION AGENCY tab and original creditor appears in ORIGINAL LENDER tab. I also disputed this with TransUnion over 45 days ago and I haven't heard from them so I'm gonna try for them to delete this right away. There is no "validation process" taking place.
  6. @momof5 #1 and #2 DOFD are 04/2011 #3 is 02/2011
  7. Ok so I have three accounts with Midland. Only one of them is SOL. The other two will be SOL in a couple months. Midland has responded to all my validation letters but only provided VALIDATION (One Statement) for the SOL account. For the other two accounts they just state that they need more info and that they will mark it as disputed and that they won't be contacting me again as I requested on my letters. I keep looking at the accounts to see if there is anything that they do wrong so I can use that against them. Account 1 (Not validated properly) Original amount: $1114 Midland asking for same amount Reporting on Equifax as Original Creditor Reporting while validation process is on Date assigned is different on Equifax In validation letter they say that the charged off was $1075 and the interest rate is 0% but then they state that the principal balance is $1075 and they add $38.50 of Charge-Off Interest They didn't mark the account as DISPUTED on Experian Account 2 (Not validated properly) Original amount: $837 Midland asking for same amount Reporting on Equifax as Original Creditor Reporting while validation process is on Date assigned is different on Equifax In validation letter they say that the charged off was $797 and the interest rate is 0% but then they state that the principal balance is $1075 and they add $39.48 of Charge-Off Interest They didn't mark the account as DISPUTED on Experian Account 3 (Validated by sending one statement) SOL Account Original amount: $1016 Midland asking for $1520 on dunning 11/21/14 and $1532 on validation letter. Looking at statement they sent is shows $1016 as principal balance and tthere is a section that say: INTEREST CHARGE CALCULATION Annual Percentage Rate %23.90 Balance Subject to interest $859 Interst Charged: $17 YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SCHEDULED TO BE CHARGED OFF Reporting on Equifax as Original Creditor Reporting while validation process is on Date assigned is different on Equifax Should I dispute this with the bureaus as wrong amount for #3? Anybody sees any errors? Tips? THANKS!
  8. I disputed it as "Not mine". Then when it didn't work, I sent an email to VP in Portfolio and pointed out all the "wrong" things they were doing. It got deleted right way. @Goody_Ouchless
  9. @lionhunter Thanks!!!! Yes I'm working hard to eliminate Midland and CMRE. I was just shocked how fast they deleted the entry!
  10. I'm so excited that today, al three credit bureaus deleted the entry from Portfolio Recovery. It took me a couple letters, a complaint to BBB and a very long email to their vice-president. But two days after that email.... everything is gone!!!! So exciting! This is my first win!
  11. @BV80 I disputed the entry and asked them for an statement on this account or a contract. I will post the letter I sent soon. @momof5 it will be SOL in March
  12. And I'm just trying to figure how to respond to them.
  13. It's an old debt, SOL. Funny thing is that the original creditors are not reporting at all and they deleted all entries on my report but Midland Funding is still at it so I'm just trying to work some magic LOL but I'm such a newbie on this that I get confused... A LOT @Goody_Ouchless
  14. @BV80 I never received a letter from them informing me of anything. I first saw on credit report, then I dispute with credit agencies and after that they started sending me notification and offers to settle the debt.
  15. Thanks fisthardcheese! So I guess it would just be best if I don't reply to them at all.
  16. Ok so I send a validation letter to Midland Funding but they never replied so I sent a second validation letter and I just got their reply. In their letter they say: "The purpose of this letter is to advise you that you did not provide sufficient information to investigate your dispute of the credit reporting on the above account. After reviewing the information you provided, as well as our account notes, and informaton provided by the previous creditor, we are unable to determinate the nature of your dispute, and consequently deny that our records are inaccurate. In order to further investigate your dispute, we need additional information to identify the basis of your dispute, including a complete explanation of your dispute, that would be helful. Further, copies of any documentation that you may have to support your dispute. In the interim, we have reuested that the three major credit bureaus change the status to DISPUTED. Example of documetation that we need: Paid in Full or Account Balance Proof Fraud or Identity Theaf Balance Discrepancy (please include orginal contract, statements that show owned rates). Please find the account information that you requested on the reverse of this letter" ON THIS SIDE THE "VALIDATE" including: - Charge off Balance $1075 - Interest 0% - Last PAyment Date: 03/03/2011 - Date of Default: 05/19/2011 - Total Post Charge-Off Interest $38.50 - Current Balance: $1113,95 - My name (PArtial) - My address - Original account number - Name and address of charge-off creditr at time of charge-off But they don't include any statements or any of the information that I requested. So this letter was so unexpected that I don't even know how to reply. Any suggestions please? Also, they haven't updated Experian as DISPUTED. Violation? Also, on equifax the name theirselve as the collection agency and aslo as the original creditod. Violation? Thanks!!!!!
  17. I have a few random questions that I'm not sure whether are violations ot not of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. - Do collection agencies have to notify me in writing befoe they report to the credit bureaus for the first time? - Whenever I didpute something, aren't they supposed to mark that entry on my credit report as being disputed? If they don't do it... is this a violation? - If they show a different amount than origina creditor, is this allowed? If so... what's the interest that they can chatge? - I have a coule accounts where the collection agency name theirselves as the original creditor as well? Violation? - Can collection agency report past due amounts? - They are reporting my accounts using my first and partial last name only? Could this be treated as an error? - Can the report to credit agencies during validation? - Any other normal violations? Thanks everybody!
  18. Thanks willingtocope! The settlement was in 2013 actually. Are they allowed to actually report more than the total balance? I just need to know whether I have a shot at this or not.
  19. Ok so here there is a different situation. I had an auto loan with Chase back in 2007, I missed payments towards the last year of the loan. Chase called me to settle the account and I did. The total amount due at the time was $550 but er settled for $400 at the time. This means that the amount they really lost was $150. I'm now working of repairing my credit and last night when I was going through my credit report I saw something that I thought it was inaccurate but I'm not sure whether this is proper protocol of OC to report to bureaus to not. On my credit report, Chase says: "Account Paid in Full for less than full balance" - Paid in settlement. $700 written off. Ok, so it may be me, but doesn't "WRITTEN OFF" means their loss on that particular account? Why are they reporting $700 as written off? Shouldn't this be $150? If this is the case, I'm thinking about fighting this account for inaccuracy. Should I start with the credit bureaus? What type of letter? Validation? Thanks and Happy New Year!
  20. Thank you so much!!! Would you provide me with a sample letter of MOV? Thanks!!!!
  21. Hi everybody, I'm a little frustrated by now. I disputed with the three credit bureaus an item that I had on my credit report from Capital One. They never got back at me but I did receive a letter from the OC (Capital One) saying: "We have received your credit bureau dispute regarding the Card Services MasterCard Account. We have completed our investigation and the above-referenced account has been purged from our system. In addition, we have instructed all relevant major consumer reporting agencies to delete any reference of this Account from your credit reports". They asked me to wait for 60 days to see that this was eliminated, I've waited for over 90 days and nothing happened. So I disputed this with the credit bureaus AGAIN and I attached the letter from Capital One. Today I got a letter from Experian saying: "We have reviewed the documentation you provided with your dispute, but have determined that we are not able to use it to make the changes or deletions you requested. WE are contacting the furnisher of the information or the vendor who collected the information from a public record source. When we complete our precessing of your dispute, we will send you a copy". But at the sane time I got a letter from original credit saying: "We are writing you about a dispute you sent to one of the credit bureaus for your cordite card account ending XXXX. However, the information the credit bureau sent to us may not have contained everything needed for unto fully understand the reason of your dispute. Please send any supporting documentation, such as your credit report, showing that we've sent incorrect information to the credit report agencies and a copy of this letter. I'm so lost that I don't know what do next.