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  1. @BV80 Ok I see. Is there a term for when you dispute with the furnisher after it has been placed on your credit? Now I have a few more questions 1) how many items should you send to the agency to dispute at a time? 2) if the entry is removed from a credit report could the CA still try to collect on the debt? 3) if the debt say is sold from one CA to another can the new CA place the entry on the report after the first was removed by the reporting agency?
  2. So I read several repair tops on the website and forum on here and thought sending DV would be a good route to go with accounts that are tiny balances and paid off like $58.00. I figured that they probably would not try to validate them since I owed nothing. I however have found people saying that 1) the CA does not need to validate within 30 days and 2) the template on here is incorrect and asks for things they aren't required to give me. I also read I should send one to the reporting agencies at the same time? So... What are they required to give me and what is their time frame to reply back? I am new to all of this so if someone could lay it all out with everything helpful that would be great! Also any good DV letters used in the past would be awesome!
  3. Also I apologize if I sound like a total idiot and I am sure I do. I have never been in this situation before and have not had the time to devote to looking at my credit report and being uber financially responsible like I have in the past because of how insane life has been. I have been so busy tying to just stay a float with everything else career, school, wedding, husband and house that I have really neglected that which I used to be so careful to protect.
  4. @IS8720 It is reported on all 3 of my credit files with the agencies, also there is stuff not mine on there I am trying to clean up. It appears my credit was merged with someone else. I don't know if this account if mine because I have contacted them several times asking for documentation that they have not been able to supply. @Goody_Ouchless I do have a case number, it shows it as filed on 8/26 in the court system. I contacted the CA within a few days of getting the summons and asked for them to give me proof the debt belonged to them and that it was mine. It is a small amount $1,400 and if this is legit I don't have a problem paying it/ setting up payments. I never received any documentation back, called multiple times after that and left messages with no calls back after the first conversation. They will not be able to garnish my wages at the place I work at. Since now it has been 4 months since it was filed and no notice of a court date what should I do next?
  5. I do have a court number and it's just in the court database as "filed" on 8/26/14 nothing more. Like I stated I called the place that served me directly the next week and asked for documentation that it was my debt, never received anything. Called back a few times and left messages with no response back. If I was scheduled for court I would need to be sent a court date and I might be wrong but there would be a court date on the court website. Have they just dropped the ball on this? It is a small debt $1,400. Also they served my husband with papers for me, not me and they are in my maiden last name, not current.
  6. They gave the papers to my husband. My husband had someone serve me through him with papers since he answered the door.
  7. It was almost like I was served with pre-notice saying that I would be getting a date scheduled. I am not sure how the laws work and if this is what is common for Washington. Nothing ever came of it. No notice for me to appear ever came. According to them it was put on hold until things were cleared up. There is no judgements reported on me. I am just hoping I didn't wake a sleeping dragon by sending those.
  8. OK so here is my story... I was stupid, young and got into a relationship with a man who ended up being physically abusive. I had to leave and had several accounts go to collections and some were joint accounts which he removed his name from before going into default. I also seem to have some of my credit mixed with another person because there are accounts on my credit which are not mine. I only have two credit cards and there are ones reported that are not mine. My number one concern is Midland. My husband had someone serve me with papers two months ago saying they were going to be scheduling a court date and to respond within 30 days. I called midland and said I was not sure who the debt was from and if they had the legal right to collect. The process then was discontinued (not sure for how long). They said papers would be coming to me... nothing was sent. I have called several times. My credit now states that I have disputed Midland but nothing more. I have pulled my head out of the sand, done a ton of research and am now trying to clear this up. This week I sent letters to the collection agencies saying that no records were given to me, I don't know what this debt it, this debt is not mine. I also sent certified letters to Midland asking for validation of the debt, I used the template plus some tweeks that I found on here. I think that this could be either the T-mobile account we had that I couldn't afford on my own or a credit card with capital one but I am really not 100% sure! Did I mess up by sending them these letters? Should I have just left it alone since they they seem to not be interested in the moment in taking me to court?
  9. @Goody_Ouchless I started my own thread this morning. A rep gave my husband a notice stating that they would be scheduling a court date, not sure if that is a summons ? I am not legal savvy. All process was stalled after I requested more information on the debt. After speaking to Midland they said that they discontinued the process and that I would receive documentation to validate, nothing ever came.
  10. That's so great! I am just trying to start on my road with them because they tried to serve me with a summons, not knowing anything I contested verbally to them and they must have not had the documentation I asked for or felt I wasn't worth their trouble because the attempt for suing me was never attempted. Now that I just finished college I have focused my effort on my husband and my credit. I just sent letters to all three credit agencies contesting it because they were unable to even provide me with information for what the debt was for!! I also sent a certified letter for validation which I found on here to them this week. I didn't realize how many people have business with this company!
  11. They stopped all attempts at the suit after I questioned the debt two months ago. I called them directly and said I am not sure who you are representing or what this debt is for I need XYZ before going any further. They said there would be something sent to me in the mail within the week, never happened and no contact from them since. I don't believe they have what they need to go any further and know I will ask for it. I am hoping to capitalize on the time and request that they either provide documentation it's mine and they have the legal ability to collect on it OR have it removed.
  12. I had a knock on my front door two months ago and my new husband answered it, it was a man serving him with papers for me from Midland Funding. It was originally a GE Capital card for $800. I at first freaked out and cried and then I started researching. I called the CA who had hired the lawyer and told him I wanted to make sure that this was my debt. I verbally asked them to validate and they said "OK" and I have yet to receive a call or any information mailed to me. My credit report now says "disputed" but nothing has come of it. After reading information on here I went and drafted a letter to the credit reporting companies disputing the information. I have sent it out to 2/3 but now I am wondering if this was the best thing I could have done? Maybe I should have just left it alone? They clearly don't have enough documents to go forward with their threat or I would have received something already and court would have been scheduled right?