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  1. Hey Guys, I'm just starting to try to tackle OC issues on my credit report and I've found that one of them is reporting a different DOFD to each of the three reporting agencies. The same is true for the CA that it looks like bought it. Can I just send a letter to the three reporting agencies with copies of the three different entries and they will delete the tradelines? Or do I have to send everything to the OC and CA themselves and hope they'll do the right thing? Either way I think this violates TFC and FDCPA.
  2. I dv'ed a CA using TFC 392.202 and they sent a response saying "We are in receipt of your letter of dispute or request for verification pursuant to 15 USC 1692g of the FDCPA. Please be advised we have contacted our client who has confirmed the name and address listed on the account in addition to the amount owed." Does this constitute validation? It's clear they didn't bother to read my letter and address the issue as I had raised it. Thank you for your help.
  3. Thank you for the advice! When I originally disputed it with the credit bureau it was online so there a dropbox with a few choices and I believe I chose this debt does not belong to me. So right now, I'm studying up on RESPA. My plan is to request validation in addition to noticing them of their violations as they relate to RESPA. I also plan on submitting complaints to the FTC, CFBP and BBB. Hopefully this will work!
  4. I am at impasse with a debt collector reporting on my credit report as the current owners of an alleged old second mortgage debt. A few years ago the last supposed owner of this alleged debt was unable to validate it so it came off of the credit report. This was prior to my becoming a citizen of Texas. Green Tree now pops up claiming to own the debt on my credit report and it looks like they have been reporting it since March of this year. Before educating myself with TFC 392, I requested validation through the credit bureau website thinking there was no way they could validate it because the last guy wasn't able to but they did. How is this possible? if they did in fact purchase the right to collect on this alleged debt, they should not have been able to verify because the documentation required for that doesn't exist. On top of that, they never sent anything to me showing that they were the new owners of the alleged debt. So how do I get rid of these guys? Good news is the alleged debt is SOL. My initial thinking was to try to use portions of TFC 392 and demand that they remove all trade lines within 5 days because they were lying by verifying the debt to begin with but I wasn't sure I could because I did not invoke TFC 392 in my request for verification with the credit bureau. I was also going to threaten to file a claim against their bond, send a complaint to the FTC, BBB, AG and CFPB. They've already gone through so much litigation with the FTC, you would think they would clean up their act. Any advice on how I should handle this? Thank you for your help, guys!
  5. Thank you, guys! You're always "Johnny on the Spot"!
  6. Hopefully, this isn't somewhere else in the forums. I've been searching for it for days here and I have called and emailed the Texas SOS but I have not heard anything back yet. I am using the Texas debt collector search and I have run across an issue with the results I am getting. Some of the bonded debt collectors have names and/or addresses that in some cases only slightly differ from that present on my credit report (ex. Greentree v. Green Tree Servicing or different addresses with the same company name within the same state). Does a debt collector's bonded name and address have to exactly match what's on my credit report for the bond to be valid? Does anyone know how I might obtain written proof that a debt collector is not bonded in the State of Texas? If written proof is available, any idea on about how long does it usually takes to receive it? Thanks in advance guys!
  7. So my best bet in this case is to just raise as much cash as i can for it and hope they take it. At least I have a plan now LOL! Thank you guys, this was really great info!
  8. Hi All, I am still working on my credit report and I am wondering what to do about a judgment against me and my husband resulting from a lease dispute in Florida. It appears on both of our credit reports and doesn't show up under public records. It's been placed with National Credit Systems and appears under collections. The date of first delinquency reported is 03/2012 and we've been in Texas for 2 years. Can someone tell me which SOL would apply to this-- Florida or the 4 years in Texas? Can I be sued again for this? I'm just trying to figure out how long they have to collect and how to proceed in getting rid of it. It is quite a bit of money so I can not afford to pay it all at once. Any help you can offer at all will be greatly appreciated! And please, if you have an answer to a question that I did not ask that would pertain to this, that is welcome as well. Knowledge is power
  9. Thank you both for the help! I'm going to check out the Texas Thread.
  10. Hi all, I have DV'ed all of my very old debt with the CRAs online only to just find that there are laws in Texas that may provide me additional remedies under the law to get this stuff removed (I've only lived here for about a year and a half). After 30 days, some of the debt came off but the big ones did not (think Midland, LVNV, NCS). I called the CRAs to see what evidence was presented and found that they basically just took their word for it. What steps should I take next after already disputing these items with the CRAs? Are there any additional remedies under Texas law? Any help would be appreciated!