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  1. @willingtocope Thanks. No my car payment is through my local credit union at 5%. I appreciate the info!
  2. @BV80 I did save the voicemail. I will contact someone as you said. Thanks!!
  3. Thanks @willingtocope. What is a JDB? I'm assuming "junk debt buyer".... wouldn't that mean that I would get more contact from other collection agencies?
  4. A big factor in my low credit score is the fact that I currently have too much debt. Luckily I don't have any collections, judgments or anything too nasty (other than dreaded late payments this past fall) to worry about. I am wanting to start paying down my debt but I want to do it in a way that will help my credit score improve. I have various credit cards as well as loans, some loans are through banks, some are through other lending institutions like Security Finance, Sun Loan, etc. I've read that loans aren't revolving lines of credit like credit cards are, therefore credit cards that a
  5. Thank you, @willingtocope. If the debt is valid, and I send a cease and desist, then what happens? If it's something I do in fact owe, I have no problem paying it. But I would much rather pay the original creditor than the collection agency.
  6. @Rogue198 @BV80 @willingtocope I called 1-855-974-6538 this morning at 938am. I asked for Daniel Morland. He remembers our conversation from Wednesday, said the could set up a settlement on the account. I explained to him that I needed documentation in writing of this debt and that I wanted it sent via mail- not email or fax. I asked if I was being sued- he said they had me in breach of contract but URS was contracted to settle the debt. I asked for the information on the original creditor, which he told me was PDL Ventures, and I asked for their contact informtion, such as a telephone nu
  7. @Rogue198 how do I find out if there is a case against me? call my county courthouse? Wouldn't they have to send me something in writing? I've checked our county judici page and cannot find anything under my name other than my two traffic tickets.
  8. @Rogue198 I would need to check with an attorney to represent me against them, or to file a complaint against them for violating FDCP? Sorry, I have no idea about any of this legal matters.
  9. @Rogue198 There was nothing stating that if I wasn't this person then to not listen to the message. It started out with "This Message is intended for (my name) and the agents name and then URS Risk management. She then goes onto say that this is a notice of a default of discloure statement filed against my name and social security number and they are trying to obtain a voluntary statement of intent against a complaint of anticipatory breach of contract for defrauding a federal financial institution. They are requesting that either myself or my legal representation contact the firm and that the
  10. @BV80 - I didn't check with my courts to see if anything had been filed. It is "anticipatory"... I was writting down what she was saying during the message and I am not familiar with legal jaron so that's the best I could do Honestly, now that I think about it, I believe I did receive something in the mail from them about a month ago. Sorry- I just remembered! I had filed it away to check on it but with the end of the semester and starting a new job, I forgot. If they did send me something and the debt is legal and valid, should I pay the CA or the originally debt? I usually try to alway
  11. Thank you all for the advice. @BV80 - I believe I have heard from them before, just because the name sounded familiar. However, I don't recall receiving anything in writing from them. Anytime I receive anything in the mail, I validate it and then do what I need to do to take care of it. Since my pdl mess in 2009, I've kept very detailed records of who I pay and what the payment is for and I have no information for them in my file cabinet. @fisthardcheese - I am in Illinois. @willingtocope - I've done a ton of Google searches today for both PDL ventures as well as URS. I'm getting a varie
  12. This morning at 8:44am I received a call from 217-717-8200 (I am in Illinois... it shows this number is calling from the Springfield area.) A Renee Spencer stated that she was calling from URS Risk Management in regards to a "default and disclosure statement" against my name and social security number. She stated that a complaint had been filed for "inticipatory breach of contract for frauding a financial instution" and that myself or my legal representation would need to "contact the firm" at 1-855-546-8984. I called the number back to find out exactly what they wanted, and spoke to a Danie