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  1. I am going to reach out to the attorneys that yourself and others have recommended to me and see what they say. Hopefully they will know a loophole or something that can help us out.
  2. Here is the Arbitration part of the agreement that I found from HSBC Bank Nevada from 2006. I tried to make it big enough so that it wouldn't be hard to read. So now it is big enough to read but the formatting is a little funky...sorry about that. Arb Agreement.docx
  3. Am I allowed to post the agreement for you guys to review? I just want to make sure that it will in fact work?
  4. I think I also just found a 2008 HSBC agreement that has the same JAMS verbiage... but still no 2007
  5. I have found a agreement from 2006 could I possibly use that one? It does have JAMS in it. If you look at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's website they have all the current agreements with the card companies on file. The agreement on file with them from HSBC for 2014 is dated could they possibly run one year behind so this 2006 agreement could be the one they would have used for the 2007 card?
  6. Ok I am searching I hope I can find one. Does it need to match the particular card that it was like premier, platinum etc?
  7. When searching for the HSBC card agreement, would I be looking for the one from 2009 when the account was charged off? Or would I look for one from 2007 when the card was opened?
  8. I am trying to find an agreement online but my husband cannot remember what kind of HSBC card it was.... premier, platinum, etc... the agreements that I have found are all different depending on which type of card it was
  9. I am not sure if it matters or not but my husbands ex did not move here until July of 2013. I thought that it was 2012 but my husband says that she moved here in July of 2013.
  10. How would you use a Arb Strategy? I will have to do some research on that one because I have never heard of that before. thanks for your help!
  11. Hi I have been recommended a few names of attorneys on this forum to talk to we will be contacting them to see what they have to say, and I will post their responses after we speak to them. It would be awesome if we were able to find a loop hole. Thank you for your help
  12. He did not have a place of his own here but I do believe that he got a ID card from the DMV. Since he got an ID from the DMV wouldn't that establish residency and make it where we are stuck with the 6 year sol?
  13. Hi there The ex wife moved here in 2012. I am not sure what month that she moved her though I know it was some time between May - July of 2012. I asked my husband about what they did about debts in their divorce and if they itemized them. He told me that there was no itemization of who got what debts just that any debts that were incurred after the divorce was finalized belonged to the respected parties who incurred them. I remember seeing his divorce decree and finding it very odd because it was only a few pages long and did not really go into detail about much. I am going to try to f
  14. So I am confused. Can I use the SOL laws from KS since that was where the account was opened and where the last payment was made? Or am I stuck with the 6 year statute ?