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  1. Here's the last update I'll post about this, probably. Sorry for not saying anything else, but we did deny across the board similar to how RyanEX did, then we heard nothing from them. My parents seemed to forget about the whole thing, and it would pop up into my mind from time to time. I got more worried during December, wondering how we were going to go about taking care of it in court, but I kept my worries to myself. Then Midland sent a settlement offer about a week ago of less than half the amount they sued for, and it looks like my parents are going to accept it. It's not the kind of endi
  2. Here's how the docs are: Demands for docs: They want anything referring or relating to any issued credit cards, anything about the specific credit card, anything about transactions initiated by the defendant, anything about payments made by the defendant, anything about correspondence sent or received by the defendant to or from the original issuer, anything about telephone calls made or received by defendant to or from Midland, and anything about correspondence received from Midland. Requests for admission: applying for the account, using the account, receiving billing statements for the
  3. Sorry for the radio silence. I've just been a little overwhelmed because I want to get to the bottom of the original account as given in the BoP, and my parents would really rather forget the whole thing. I almost wish I was getting sued, because I actually have the motivation and focus to fight. As it is I feel like I'm trying to help people who won't help themselves.
  4. Now they've sent a demand for documents, a request for admissions, and interrogatories. I can't get more specific right now because I'm at work, but I thought a general update would be worth posting.
  5. Thanks, @sadinca. I can see how one could read between the lines of my post and guess that I was dodging the question. But yeah, although we've been on eggshells with him, avoiding scary words like "sue," he signed the stuff. We're not taking this lightly. But it's over a year till our court date, and while I won't abide complacency, I'll be doing my best to minimize the stress he feels about it.
  6. I thought the fact that we've responded to the suit spoke for itself, since we couldn't move forward without him signing stuff. It's true I'm doing most of the work, but I'm fine with that and my parents are fine with that. I know I can't do the work for my dad if and when we get to court, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Is there a template we can follow? I want to make sure all our t's are crossed and i's are dotted, and it seems like these sorts of things are pretty meticulously phrased and put together.
  7. All right, we've got a response to the BoP. The first thing says they object to the demand. Furthermore, without waiving the objection they respond by attaching copies of the following: an HSBC account's billing statement, the bill of sale between HSBC and a middleman, the bill of sale between middleman and plaintiff, correspondences from Midland, Pre-legal Reminder, and Notice of New Ownership and Pre-Legal Review. This is followed by a verification, then the aforementioned documents begin. Account statement from mid-2011. The one fee is a late charge assessment. The second page of the
  8. Why is Norwalk more desirable? Thanks for your advice, everyone. This forum in general has made me feel pretty solid about the situation, even if my parents don't. I guess we're on pause for the time being.
  9. Busy this morning, didn't see your posts, followed sadinca's advice. Trial is now set for next year.
  10. The CCP section number is wrong on line 18. Two digits are swapped and it says 445 instead of 454.
  11. My plan is as follows. Mail General Denial and Bill of Particulars, in separate envelopes, CMRRR, each enclosed with its respective Proof of Service (General Denial's PoS is unsigned), from the post office near our home. Travel to courthouse. File General Denial and its PoS. Now, every motion to switch locations I've found has been for switching counties. And Chapter 2.0, (f)(2) of the rules of the court states, "The Supervising Judge of the Civil Division may for the convenience of witnesses or to promote the ends of justice, transfer a civil case from one district to another. Motions
  12. All right, I'll be getting stuff done tomorrow if my plans work out. Here's my checklist, let me know if I'm missing anything: To court: File response (General Denial) PoS for the response? (I'm unclear now if a PoS gets filed at all) File motion to change venue (if I can; not sure if I can do that on my dad's behalf) Mailing to plaintiff (Cerified mail, return receipt requested): Response Demand for Bill of Particulars PoS for both of these Now, my understanding is that the plaintiff must be served by someone who's not a party to the suit. I fill that role fine. But can someone who could pote
  13. Is every PoS only for the defendant and plaintiff, and unnecessary to file, or is there any that the court would need a copy of too? And can something be sent CMRRR just by writing something on the front of the envelope and putting sufficient extra postage on it, or do I have to take it to a clerk and get that green card put on it in person? Can the answer, the BoP demand, and a PoS for both be sent to the plaintiff in the same envelope?
  14. So I send a BoP straight to them, keep a copy, don't file it with the court, but mention it on the PoS that gets filed with our answer?