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  1. I need some major help. My 15yr. old son, who had been staying with his mother, was caught TWICE in a month on a DUI. My landlord handed me my court papers this past Friday, and court is this Wed. WTF? They're trying to tell me at the juvenile courthouse that I can't defend my son. That I HAVE to have a lawyer. But I don't want one. I don't want to settle, I want him free. Granted , I know he messed up. BUT IF HE ISN'T OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE OR GET A LICENSE BECAUSE HE'S A MINOR AND MAKES BAD DECISIONS, THEN HOW CAN THEY PUNISH HIM ,,, FOR A BAD DECISION? It seems like it should be thrown out easily, but I know how completely crooked the system is. I know if they take my son in,,, he'll be gone for good. Just like they did my cousin. He had to keep protecting himself and thirty years later, he's now 40,,,,,fk, and my son LOVES to fight. AND IT'S BECAUSE OF THE DAMN SYSTEM HE'S THIS WAY. Anyway, They didn't read Miranda rights,,, they did breathalyzer but didn't wait the required 15 minutes watching that he didn't belch. Cop says he had to go 60 to catch him, although he has him down at 60??? I SIGNED THE PAPERS SUI JURIS,,, does that help??? Look, since the two tickets, my son was in a fatal car accident. HE WASNT DRIVING. But his best friend was the 15yr old driver and died. My son was rushed to the hospital to remove his spleen and then rushed by life flight to UCDavis for heart surgery. He has a hole in his heart now and has to be very careful. He'll never make it out. I can't believe they would even consider 4 yrs on a minor who has never been in trouble. PLEASE HELP I want to abate the process, but they won't let me do anything.
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