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  1. It's taken us longer to get on this. A few matters came up and we had to tend to those before we could find time to show attention to this issue. I believe I have all the paperwork together and ready to be mailed off certified mail return receipt tomorrow. Please let me know if there is anything im missing or should include or not include. Letter to AT&T informing them that I am filing an arbitration against them and to forward the arbitration fees to AAA. AT&T Consumer Demand for Arbitration Before the American Arbitration Association form (found here under arbitration initiation: http://www.att.com/esupport/article.html#!/wireless/KM1041882 . Should I fill out and include a "Notice of Dispute" or not? Is this where I include my demands on the arbitration form, or do i wait for AT&T to contact me?) A copy of all payment receipts with dates, as well as collection letters from various collection agencies throughout the past couple of years. A copy of the AT&T service agreement All these should be mailed to the address under the arbitration section of the AT&t service agreement, as well as scanned in as PDF and emailed to CaseFiling@adr.org informing them I would like to file an arbitration and that i have asked AT&T to forward to the filing fees. If there is anything else I should include, or remove from the documents to be sent, please let me know. Thanks again for everything! Justin
  2. Sorry. I'm just now seeing this. If it gets to that point and if I were to do this, would I file the arbitration where the account originated (in Oklahoma), or would I file the arbitration in the state I currently live (Arkansas)?
  3. Ok. So something like this: Dear Diversified Consultants, INC., In response to a letter recieved on [collection letter date], I am responding to inform you the AT&T [account number] has been paid in full as of [dates of payments]. According to FCRA [FCRA guiline number], I am lawfully entitled to seek damages if attempts to collect this debt continues. thank you, [Signature] [Wifes Name] [Wife's contact info] Should I include anything else in this letter, or should this suffice? I should send the same letter addressed to AT&T as well, correct? Obviously I would send it certified mail return receipt, and keep a copy for myself. Should I ask for anything in the letter, or wait till it comes down to hire an attorney? thanks again, Clydesmom. I really appreciate your input/help with this.
  4. Ok. Is this something I should hire an attorney for? Or do I just send them a letter saying I'm gonna sue you? Am I suppose file something with the courthouse? What's the process to get this done? I've never had this issue with any other CA.
  5. Resurrecting this thread solely because we have recieved another collection letter today about this issue. This time it is from a company called Diversified Consultants, INC. for the same amount, $81.39. Why do we keep getting the collection letters in the mail? Is AT&T selling this debt continuously to various collection agencies, neglecting the fact that this debt has been paid in full a long time ago?
  6. Ok. We will get that done! Thank you for the quick reply! It's good to know about the collection agencies before talking to them. Had we known they weren't "up to par" we wouldn't have even made contact with them. Thanks again!
  7. Hello everyone! I have been repairing my own credit over the past couple years, and I am proud to say that, thanks to a few of you and my own determination, i was able to get approved for a mortgage, and have been living in my first house for about 6 months now! Thank you everyone who has helped! This thread is more for the Miss'. Before we moved to Arkansas (from Oklahoma) last summer 2014, she had at&t Uverse at her apartment. I was moving to finish my degree at the University of Arkansas, and she wanted to move with me (we've been together almost 4 years) so she cancelled her service with at&t Uverse. They told her to go to the nearest UPS store and ship the cable box, and internet router back to them. I wasn't with her when she did this, but apparently the UPS representative told her that she does this all the time and that they don't need the router. Had i been there, I would've stepped in and said something but i didn't. Anyways, the router never got shipped. at&t ended up sending her a notice saying she owed $162.78 for the router. I told her to tell them that she still had the router and that she could ship it to them (we still have the router in the garage). They declined and said they wanted the payment. needless to say, she put it off and put it off until she got a letter from a collection agency (Sunrise Credit Services) for the balance of $162.78. a few days later they called her while I was at school, and she "settled" (what she said) for $81.39. So I didn't think anything of it. This was back in November/December 2014. A couple months later, in February, she got another call from a different collection agency (IC Systems) saying that she owed $81.39 towards the at&t Uverse balance. Of course i was at school this time as well, so i couldn't really coach her through the phone conversation. She ended up paying them $81.39. I was pretty irritated that she did that, but oh well. what's done is done. So, the payments to the 2 collection agencies totals the original debt of $162.78. $81.39+$81.39=$162.78 Ok. On about August 10th 2015, a letter was mailed to her dads house in Oklahoma addressed to her, from another collection agency (Enhanced Recovery Company) saying she owed $81.39. She called them and told them she's already paid this twice. The representative on the phone said she would dispute it in the system. that was the last we heard about it. My question is, if this debt has been paid, how is it still getting passed around to the collection agencies? It's only been a couple of weeks since she spoke with the representative on the phone, but we want to be sure we are ready just in case anything comes about. We were going to send in a dispute letter based on the debt being paid in full. Should we do this? she doesn't have a receipt for the first payment of $81.39, but she used her debit card to pay it. Do we send it a copy of the bank statement? Just the page with the charge on it, or the entire statement? We just want to make sure that we are prepared and have everything in order if this doesn't stop. Thanks!
  8. My bank, USAA, is partners with Experian in offering Credit Check Monitoring by Experian. i pay about $13.00 a month where I'm able to refresh my reports ever 30 days. Is this method what your explaining above?
  9. Hello everyone! I've posted a couple of threads over the past year in the credit repair forum, and i've been in the credit repair process for about a year and a half. Anyways, I'm 26 years old (turn 27 next month), and I have spent the past year or so repairing my credit ultimately for the purpose to utilizing my VA loan and pursuing home ownership. Unfortunately, during my second deployment, my ex-wife had an affair, and when i came home i was under the impression that we were going to "try and work things out." Long story short, her car broke down, and he credit wasn't very good at all, but i was rocking a 655 or so (on the bureau they used) back in 2011 when i was 23. I co-signed for a vehicle for her and needless to say it went back to the bank about 8 months later. Anyways, over the past year or so, i've been able to get a few of her credit cards deleted from my report, but the repo still remains on Equifax and Experian. I was approved for a VA loan back in October 2014 and have been looking for a house since (as many of you know, buying a house is a huge deal, and you always want to buy something you want, so long as you can afford it). Well in January 2015 i looked at my report, and come to find out my score for Equifax (the CRA the bank used) dropped to a 525 from a 683. I was devastated because i knew my chances for home ownership were obliterated. I went to discuss it with my loan officer yesterday morning, and she repulled credit. All my scores on the report she pulled were above 620 (the minimum requirement for a VA loan). Why are the 3 scores that i pulled WAYYYY off from what the bank pulled?
  10. Are they your debts? When you say little, how little are they? I had a collection one time that was $25 and i disputed it through the CRAs. Next thing i know it was taken off my reports. The CA probably didn't think $25 dollars was worth the trouble. So disputing all of them might be your best bet. Maybe do a DV letter for each collection and who knows, maybe they won't respond and they'll be deleted. I have a medical collection on mine for $611 that i've disputed and they just won't delete it. from what i understand, those are one of the most difficult to get deleted along side student loans.
  11. x2. Also, if the agency comes back and claims it's been verified, send another letter requesting information on the investigation process. If they can't fulfill that request, then file a complaint with the CFPB and have them take care of it. I've come to realize that CRA's pay a lot of attention to CFPB complaints.
  12. If it's for about what you paid then find the proof and report it as inaccurate to the CRA's
  13. Well it all depends on what was included in the judgement. If it was just the initial debt, then possibly. If it was the initial debt, plus attorney's fees, court cost, etc. then you would still have a debt until all of that is paid off. Most of the time when a debt goes into judgement, attorney's fees, etc. are tacked on top of the initial debt, increasing the total judgement debt by sometimes as much as $1,000. So although the initial debt was paid, There could still be an outstanding balance because of those reasons. i would call the courthouse where the judgement was made and get more info on what all was included in the judgement and then go from there.
  14. how long ago was the judgement filed? if it wasn't too long ago you might have an opportunity to appeal and go back to court showing proof of payment and possibly having the whole thing dropped. Also, if it was around 7 years ago, you might try to have it removed. because (depending not he type of judgment) they generally remain on credit reports for 7-10 years.
  15. So the debt was paid, but is showing unpaid on the report? If he paid it the day before court, and presented proof of payment to the court, then the case would've been dismissed. did he not show proof of payment to the court? Also, how long ago was this judgement, and what exactly was the judgement? A lot of times when a judgment is made, not only is the judgment for the debt, but also for attorney fees, etc. if you don't mind me asking, was the judgment for more than the debt? if so, then that might be the case.