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  1. Hi everyone, We have been approved for a Chase Freedom 0% on balance transfers and no fees on balance transfers for the first 60 days. I want to have my USAA credit card transferred to CHASE, and then use my USAA credit card to pay off a small loan I have with USAA (you can transfer cash from your USAA credit card to a USAA account free of charge) then do a second transfer of my USAA balance to the CHASE card... I will then end up with no balance on my USAA card, get rid of that small loan, and then have a manageable 0% interest credit card I will pay off. Also, there is enough balance on the new card so that I will not max my CHASE card out. My question is, can I do that? Will CHASE allow me to transfer the same credit card balance twice? Thank you for your time. Mac.