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  1. @bmc100... OR ANYONE WHO CAN HELP....MY TRIAL IS TOMORROW AFTERNOON..... When i go to court how EXACTLY do i word the MRE803 and 902??? And how do i get it dismissed to NOT be filed again? Should i remind the same judge that she DENIED their request for a summary judgement bc she said she wasnt satisfied in KNOWING THAT these accts were mine bc all they had were some COPIES of monthly billing stibs that they SUPPOSEDLY MAILED TO ME. as i told her I have never seen them and THEY didnt mail me anything. They are JDB and so their testimony is hearsay.
  2. I have one additional question. My trial is next week. I got a copy of things they filed with the court. Which is basically the SAME thing they presented at the hearing for Summary Judgement, which was denied by the judge. They have provided blurry copies of bills that I supposedly received. and nothing more except for an affidavit signed by a 'supposed' keeper of the OC records. I will continue to say what I said at the Summary Judgement hearing which is I cannot admit or deny these are my CC debts because the amts are nothing i have ever seen OR these bills I never got in the mail. And the JDB could have made these copies from anywhere. Do I have to file briefs in order to question any witnesses they have? and also.. What are a few short, straight to the point questions I can ask the JDB witnesses?
  3. My trial is April 2. What are the chances of them dismissing? I. Just curious.. And yes I am still going to prepare my briefs for court. Is there a deadline for my briefs to be filed?
  4. Is their any Michigan laws I can cite in my briefs? And/or articles on here? How long should it be? And also when and how do I present my briefs? Will the judge see them before the trial? And will they really spend the money on a trial and also is their a form I can file if they lose at court so this CANNOT B REFILED?
  5. Do I need to send a copy of my briefs to them or file them with the courts? What else do I need? Opening statement...briefs and closing statements. Yes they sent me their interrogatories back..along with a bunch of monthly bills I have never seen and no...I haven't looked at their witness list BC honestly I thought the judge was gonna give them their summary judgement today..
  6. Well I have great news..thank God and all of u whom have helped me so far. Had summary judgement hearing today and it was scary.midluds lawyer called me in the hallway and asked me if I wanted to come to an agreement and am I still denying these two ACCTS. I told him have a wonderful day and I will talk to the judge a and continue on with my decision for a trial. We got in front of the judge and she kept saying I haven't given proof that these ACCTS aren't mine. The lawyer kept saying that they sent me bills every month and I told him that HE didn't send me anything. Its hearsay and he is not keeper of any records pertaining eto either one of my ACCTS and hr does NOT Wrk for OC.. and I told her I cannot admit or deny the said ACCTS BC the jdb hasn't shown me any proof at all with interest..purchases...withdrawls..original contract etc..and all they have provided is papers with my name and a bunch of numbers and amounts that are bogus along with receipts that I have never ever seen.... So after going back and forth..the judge finally said...I AM MOVING FORWARD WITH the trial in a month BC I don't feel confident enough that these amts are hers. And these copies u have provided aren't even legible completely...sooooo here I am back on this website to get help in preparing for the trial...with my opening statement and my questioning and any advice anyone can give me...thanks everyone. U are ALL TREASURES...and have been so helpful to me. I'm going to continue to argue hearsay along with the authenticity of their receipts that I have never seen
  7. They didn't answer at all. All they sent me was a courtdate for summary judgement. What is a letter to confer and where do I get a template to follow? The for your help
  8. I need help please. I jus got a date for a hearing for summary judgement ANDjdb did NOT send my interrogatories back to me. Should I or can I ask for a dismissal at the summary judgement hearing? Also..will we still have the trial in a month? I also need to know what is a summary judgement and how do I prepare for it? I have 2 weeks.
  9. @ Brotherskeeper, no I did not file an affidavit with my original answer and no, I am not going to amend my answer, because I spoke with 2 attorneys yesterday and they BOTH said that the lawyer for the JDB needs to prove these accounts are mine with the original contract with my signature along with receipts and payments of how they came up with these amts. They also said with the interrogatories, they are basically going on a fishing expedition. I called the 2 cc companies and BOTH of them said they don't even have me in the system any longer so they could not give me my old acct numbers and/or my ending balances. . and also like one attorney said, "anybody can go dig in somebodies trash and find old receipts, so the 'receipt' they did attach to the lawsuits mean absolutely nothing." and he told me to send my interrogatories bc they are NOT use to lifting one finger for these old debts they buy and they are not even use to people filing an answer. So, I am going to just keep researching for on this site so I can be well rehearsed if it goes to trial. and in worse case scenario, I will have the money but they will not just get it for free
  10. okay here are the questions that I am having trouble with. the wording of them..I will not post them all bc I think I have done enough research on this site to know how to combat some of their requests and/or questions: Here goes: state your full address and phone number state your SS # state name, address, telephone # of current employer state the position you hold with your present employer admit that you made purchases with a XXX bank credit card with the acct ending in XXXX state if your response to request for admission no.2 was anything other than an unqualified admission, please state the basis for such denial admit that, prior to commencement of the present lawsuit, you never objected to the balance or charges listed on the monthly statements provided by OC If your response was anything other than admission please state the dates and amounts of the balances objected to and the dates that you reported any objections to OC Attach any of the alleged objections admit that the balance remaining due and owing on the OC account ending in XXX is for $XXXX( Now mind you, I never told them this but, I called the company in question and they have ABSOLUTELY NO RECORDS OF ANY OLD ACCTS) Admit that you have failed to make payments as required by the credit card agreement on said account XXXX Admit that no one else is requesting payment from you on this acct at this time. Also, in my original filed answer, I had wrote that I would have to check receipts and also had tried to set up payment arragements with OC. but these JDB have attached nothing except an affidavit to one of the suits and just a receipt to the other with an amount on it. NOTHING CONCRETE AT ALL. Like I told the judge during pre trial, I cannot admit to an amount or even owning an account with no valid proof of this said account number without seeing an original contract with my name AND THIS acct number they have provided and these amts are bogus. I have never owed these amts to anyone.