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  1. Unfortunately it wasn't the correct amount. Looking at my statement, I have no idea where I got the $3800 from. I owed an additional $1497.40. In speaking with the regular citibank people yesterday, I was told that there is some sort of law / policy against contacting former employees over the phone which is why the only mailed me. For some reason, these mails were not address forwarded like others I had received. Had I known I still owed the money, I would have paid it without issue.
  2. So here's my story: I was let go from my job in September 2014, where I had a corporate visa through citibank. I accepted another job a few days later, that required a move from GA to FL. Not realizing that citibank corporate cards, and citibank consumer cards were different business units, I thought I had done well when I updated my citibank consumer card and when they affirmed that it would updated all citibank accounts. In October 2014 I paid off what I thought was my remaining balance of $3800. I didn't received any correspondence or calls from citibank, and so I didn't think about them again. Fast forward to January 2015 Things have been going well in FL, and my wife and I decided to buy our first home. My mortgage broker told me I should enable credit monitoring atleast until the mortgage is finalized. This is when it all started. I received a credit monitoring alert on January 18th stating I had a new account, and a 90d late (!!!) I immediately log in and see that my old citibank corporate card is now a new tradeline in my credit report, and that it is showing as 90d late. I call citibank, and am told that I need to speak to a different group of folks that are only open weekdays (1-855-589-6912). I'm not entirely sure who this is, but I suspect it's collections. Having read a great deal on this forum on an old citibank thread from 2011, I call them up, and plead my case. Asking them to make a "goodwill adjustment" to make sure I can still close on my mortgage. The man I speak to seems pretty jaded, and says he doesn't know what that is, and that he can forward my account to a supervisor. I'm told to call back tomorrow. I have otherwise perfect credit, if a short history (I moved from the UK 5 years ago) so that one 90d late dropped my credit score by nearly 80 points (!!!) I know that in the old thread there was a list of citibank e-mail addresses. However, it's from 2011, and I'm thinking most are invalid now. Has anyone had any luck in a case similar to mine in getting a commitment on late removal? What is the best way to deal with this situation? Thanks CICers!
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