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  1. I called the magistrates office and told the lady that I got a letter for a lawsuit and asked how it works if I already have a judgement against me from another company for the debt. She put me on hold and went and talked to the judge. She asked if it was for the same credit card debt and I said yes. She said if I don't show up I will get a default against me and I said I didn't know I could have two judgement for the same debt. She said you can't, show up and prove you have the other judgement. The letter from Portfolio Recovery Associates last year is definitely less than 12 months old. I am looking at an old notice from Cavalry Portfolio Services dated March 4, 2014 saying they purchased my account from Cavalry SPV. The summons I received from Portfolio Recovery Associates is stamped as being received by the Sheriff's office March 3, 2014. I have another notice from Portfolio Recovery Associates asking to get a default judgment stamped June 18, 2014 and a letter from the court saying there was a default judgement entered against me dated June 18, 2014. The registered letter I just recieved states that Cavalry SPV is suing me. Are Cavalry SPV and Portfolio Recovery Associates the same company? If Portfolio sold my account to Cavalry SPV, how could Portfolio Recovery Associates still get a judgment against me after it was sold? I am going to check into a consumer attorney also. I know I only have about a week left to get this crap together, but it is just confusing me.
  2. Shouldn't I have received papers stating what their case was with Exhibits showing evidence against me? And then I would have had 30 days to respond to them? The only thing I got was the registered letter saying I have a court date next week. On the letter it said to call the magistrate to verify if I am going to defend myself, so that must be okay. That's why I think I should have gotten more paperwork from Calvary earlier and then I could have written a response. I am also looking at the paperwork I received last year from Portfolio Recovery about the same account. It says they have a judgement against me for not responding to their paperwork and evidence. If this is true and they do have a judgement, how can Calvary sue me for the same debt that I have a judgement against me for?
  3. I just picked up a registered letter saying that I was being sued by Calvary SPV and I have a court date of January 30, 2015. It says on the letter to call the magistrates office immediately to tell them if I intend to defend myself. I got "served" last year over this same debt by Portfolio Recovery. I say "served" because I believe they were fake papers and were trying to scare me. I also received something shortly after that saying there was a default judgment against me because I didn't respond to the summons. I can't find a judgement against me, but say there is one, can Calvary still sue for the same debt? Shouldn't I have received something stating they were planning on suing me and giving me 20 or 30 days to respond to the company? This is just a letter from the magistrate stating I have a Civil Action Hearing on January 30th at 10:15 am. On the next page, it is a paper saying Calvary SPV, as assignee of GE Retail Bank is the assignee and successor in interest of account number ending in 7038. The credit account was issued to defendant by GE Retail Bank, the original creditor and defendant used the account. Amount due is $1,117.67. File No 388926 and it is signed by Filance Manuel verifying the facts are true. The last page is Entry of Appearance and it states that David J. Apothaker, Esquire will be their representative and his address and phone number. I believe I last paid this in 2011, so the SOL is not up, I don't believe. Would I go by PA or New York where Calvary is located? Also, what happens if they don't show up to the hearing? Can they send a local lawyer to take their place? I don't see someone driving 9 hours (the lawyer is out of New Jersey) for a debt of $1000. I had more questions but now I am blank as to other stuff I was wondering. Any help would be great!
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