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  1. They provided the original contract and one statement. They also listed a Witness, but the law firm used their own address for any contacts to witness.
  2. 16 days til court, still no CCP98. I read everything on the forum and it's based on me receiving a CCP 98. What do I do now? Just prep a trial brief?
  3. Just to clarify, The Moore Law Group is the attorney, the case is OneMain Financial vs me. It seems as though I am being sued by the original creditor, it was for an unsecured loan. The response I received says, "responding party" (OneMain Financial) will provide witness, (witness name), at the dated trial. (witness) can be contacted and reached through The Moore Law Group, APC, (The Moore Law Group address here).
  4. I'll make sure to check the mail and online. Yes, they attached the original contract and one statement. In the CCP 96 response. The response I received is on pleading paper, titled, "Plaintiff's responses to requests for statement of witnesses and evidence" Number one references the witness and states, "Witness can be contacted and reached through The Moore Law Group, APC, (address here)" Do I file anything if I don't receive a CCP98?
  5. I didn't receive the CCP 98 or the Affidavit in Lieu of Live Testimony. Court is 22 days away. What do I do?
  6. I received a response with the witness and exhibits they are going to use in court. But for the witness, they provided their own address, instead of the witness address for contact. How should I proceed? send the subpoena to the law firm?
  7. Thank you. I'll wait a little longer. What do I do if I don't receive a response?
  8. I send the CCP96 on 4/2 and I have yet to receive a response. It has been exactly 20 days. What is the next step? I'm assuming this is good news.
  9. at the court house right now for my CMC but dont see my name on the list. Is it because I have my trial date already?
  10. Just received a court date, but my CMC is still a week away. Is this normal?
  11. Update... After sending MLG the BOP, they responded by stating that they reject sending the BOP because the complaint is for a breach of contract. I have my CMC schedule for later this month. Should I just leave it as is, or is there something else to file? Thank you.
  12. Hey guys. I have a Case Management Conference date set by the court. Do I send a BOP or RFP to the plaintiff? Seen a mixture of both in the forums. I know to send it out via CMRRR, but do I have to have a POS with the BOP or RFP? Do I have to file the POS with the court? (I know I don't have file the BOP or RFP) Thank you!
  13. Thank you. Great info will look forward to following you progress.
  14. They provided the original contract with signature. I dont remember when last payment made.