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  1. Sued for 35K, settled for 14K, payable over 10 years. Not too bad.
  2. Isn't that the truth. At this point I'm just hoping my attorney can work out a reasonable settlement deal. At least I avoided default judgment and can hopefully put this behind me soon. Thanks for the well wishes.
  3. Well, I stopped because I got little response to my first posts, which were pretty thorough. There really wasn't much more I could add and was really hoping for some specific guidance. It's moot now; I hired a lawyer.
  4. Well, looks like this is too complicated for me to go it alone, so off to the lawyers I go. If this were a limited case it might be different. Anyway, thanks to all for responding.
  5. It is indeed a private loan but even private loans are not dischargeable in BK, and having already been through a BK 7 years ago it's not an option anyway. SOL in CA is 4 years and this loan does fall within the SOL, unfortunately. I want to hold out until the very last minute on settlement because the law firm Patenaude & Felix does not like to go to trial and they have a track record of giving up right before trial. They make their money off default judgments and I've already avoided that by answering the lawsuit last year. I just need to be walked through the steps from here until the
  6. I was never formally represented by these attorneys; they provided an "attorney assisted" service where they prepared my answer, case management conference, and discovery, but I did all the filing. I also appeared at the case management conference as defendant in pro per. This was all wrapped up by June with a very long delay until my trial date next month.
  7. Being sued by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust who bought my loan from Bank of America. Discovery is complete; they were able to produce the note I signed and the document assigning B of A student loans to National Collegiate. This was all completed last year. A law firm prepared all the discovery docs for me and assisted me with answering plaintiff's discovery, but to date I have filed everything myself as a defendant in pro per (self-representing).
  8. Last year I was sued in California by the esteemed firm Patenaude & Felix for a National Collegiate student loan, 39K or so. I hired a firm last year for attorney-assisted defense, and they prepared my answer and discovery, etc. That is all long done and now trial is coming up in 46 days on April 25th. To save some $ I would like to do the rest of this myself if I can, so what now? I know the rules for unlimited civil cases are different from limited (under 25K) cases, so I want to make sure I'm proceeding correctly, or if I can even do this on my own. It seems P&F is all bark and no