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  1. I have not submitted a dispute with the CRA in regards to this inquiry. I started with the creditor first, they just sent me this letter yesterday, should that be the next step? And the credit inquiry is the only entry I can see that is associated with this.
  2. I don't remember applying for this what-so-ever but they won't seem to give me any information regarding it.
  3. Recently ran my credit report and saw a hard inquiry from American Eagle. I shop there but don't apply for any credit cards so I sent a dispute letter to see what they would say. They responded saying that in 04/29/2014 there was a paperless method submitted for a AEO, Inc Visa Card and unable to modify what has been reported. They additonally cannot provide me with a copy of the application based upon the paperless method used for submission. Is there anything I can do about this?
  4. I was charged like $9.05 per page I think next time I will go with $5.79 per page and I can just send it from home.
  5. Just sent my first round of debt validation letters including 7 letters to companies who did hard inquiries. In total I had 10 letters to mail out to each address. I decided to go to the post office and did 2-3 business day/certified mail. At 9 bucks per letter that was a little over $90. My question is, is there a cheaper method then the post office? This is my first time doing this so any helpful tips would be great.
  6. The score I received is one I got from As for my Federal Student Loans what I did with those is signed up for the IBR option which allows me to basically pay whatever I want per month and after 25 years its forgiven. The problem with the Private Loans is it doesn't offer that same option and its very high interest. As for the electric bill should I do a pay for deletion and should I try to submit a DV first?
  7. Me and my fiancee are wanting to purchase a new home next year and recently went to see a specialist to take a look at our credit scores. Mine is currently at a 588 which is absolutely terrible so I had a few questions on how this process works. I want to try to dispute everything to see how much I can get taken off and just to test the waters with the CBs. My first question is when I go to dispute, should I send letters to all three CBs at the same time? I used to live in MO now I live in TX. On my credit report I have one item in collections that looks like its an old electricity bill back