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  1. I pulled my credit reports up, and found multiple listings of accounts from debt collectors that I want to challenge. The reports only give the first 3 digits of the account numbers. If I don't have the full account numbers, how do I send the collectors debt validation letters? They never sent me anything in the mail that would allow me to challenge the debt within 30 days and no account number. I have the amount of the debt and the original creditors that the reports list. Thanks in advance.
  2. Okay, this debt-collecting law firm named Stone, Higgs, & Drexler first sent me a letter stating I owe $1,038.33 to Continental Finance and that the last payment date was February 17, 2009. stone higgs and drexler initial contact letter_Redacted.pdf This was in the first letter dated October 22, 2014. I challenged the debt via validation demands and they responded with the letter dated February 2, 2015 and stated that they made a “mistake” and that Continental Finance was not the original, but they meant Best Buy (HSBC). As you’ll see in the second document dated February 2, 2015, t
  3. From what I understand, after repossessing your car, the original lender must send you a Notice of Redemption and an Affidavit of Defense. But I never received one from the original lender, and they only want correspondence through mail. How do I write a letter demanding a copy of the letter of repossession? It is integral to proving that I could not have made a payment after the car was repossessed. I did not pay a debt collector afterwards. Thank you.