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  1. Yeah I always try to be cool and nice with CA's even when they're being rude to me, exactly for this reason.
  2. Wow that's really interesting. What happened once you were sued? Did you beat it, or have to pay the judgement? I'm just genuinely curious as to how it all works...because it amazes me that I've read about so many debts being 1-2+ years old and yet those people aren't sued until much later on (sometimes).
  3. Thanks. I can barely afford that settlement but I'll take it if it's still on the table. I'm just wondering if I have anymore time though. Because I've read many topics on this forum and it seems like most people aren't sued until 1-2 years past the date of their charge offs... Is there any truth to that? Or is it completely random as to when an OC will sue?
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yes NCO is just collecting on behalf of GE/Synchrony so you're right in that it would be GE who would be sueing me. I'm thinking about calling them back tomorrow to see if I can take them up on the $2300 settlement, but I would have to "split" the settlement into payments over a three month period. Do you think that may work?
  5. Hello everyone, I'm hoping that someone could please provide me with a little bit of guidance. I'd really appreciate any help that I could get. So I'm a full-time college student and it has been a bit difficult to deal with CA's while taking classes full time and trying to work. Anyway, I keep getting phonecalls from CA's trying to collect on a $6500 Synchrony Bank debt. They've offered to settle for $2300 but I can't afford that yet. I'm at the point where I can afford a $1400 settlement, but not yet $2300. I recently spoke with a collector who threatened that my account was about to be charged off (my debt is exactly 202 days old) and that if it were charged off, I'd be liable for the full amount. I said that I was trying to make enough money to be able to afford the $2300 settlement, but the guy wasn't really having any of that. He wasn't very pleasant to speak with. So what I'm wondering is... what are the odds that I'm actually sued for the full amount within the next few months? Do you think that he was just bluffing to try and scare me? I mean I believe that NCO absolutely could sue me...but I'm just wondering what the realistic timeframe for that happening is? I'd rather try to settle before the debt is charged off but I have no idea how much time I really have, because the CA's would rather threaten me than attempt to work with me on this. Thank you all very much.
  6. Thank you for the reply. So If I can get NCO to give me the $2200 full account settlement deal in writing (signed by one of their representatives) - it should keep me out of court, right? I may have to take them up on their deal and get some cash together, since you're absolutely right that I don't have much leverage at all with this.
  7. Hello everyone, First of all, I'd like to thank all of you for contributing to this awesome forum. Being in debt sucks and I can't wait to escape this hell So my situation is the following - I haven't made a payment on a CC from Banana Republic (GE Synchrony Bank) since mid-August. It has been roughly 6 months since I've touched the account (due to a significantly bad financial situation). The balance is currently $6200+. So I finally received a letter from the OC last month explaining that my debt was being assigned to NCO Financial Systems. I ended up getting in touch with NCO and spoke with them about settling my debt, because I'm sick of them calling my phone every hour of the day for the past 6+ months. I explained to them that I'm a college student and only have $1K in cash to settle with right now. The "manager" of the collection specialists department who I spoke with then claimed that she used some sort of company software to assess that I qualify for a $2200 settlement. So I told her that I couldn't afford that at the moment, and I'd call back next month. Could someone please explain to me if that $2200 figure that she gave me truly is a "hard" computer-generated number, and not just some random number that they came up with on the spot? Is it even a good idea to try to settle with NCO right now? I might be able to put together $1500 for a settlement, but that's about the maximum that I can do right now. I was assuming that if I can settle with them now, it might be better than getting sued for the full $6200 amount. The debt is valid and it's mine. I'd just like to take care of it Best wishes to everyone who's fighting their own fight. Thanks