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  1. Going to send out a DV letter today? Here is the thing, I do not want this on my credit report. Should I hire an attorney for this amount of money. I have one available to me, who loves fighting these types of cases. After I send the DV what is the next step? if they do decide to sue me, how long before they decide on that.
  2. Ok will do. Should I have him send the DV alone, or should we both send a DV? I want to try to stay as far away as possible so they don't see me as a potential target, and come after me. My brother has already called them and said he would take care of it, but I am just worried they will still come after me because I look better on paper and have great credit. I'm mostly concerend they will dump this on my credit.
  3. I'm not sure when the default was, from talking to my sibling, I gather sometime late 2013/or early 2014. My first option is to get my brother to settle so it doesnt fall on me, but at the same time, I don't want him to get screwd by this colledtion firm/attorney, and pay the money if they cant prove that they actually have the right to collect from him. There is no question that he owes the money, he will pay. I just want to make sure I dont get screwed.
  4. It was a private loan , I don't think they have filed anything yet; however, they have checked my credit report then decided to call me 2 weeks later. I called the loan company and they said that they didn't sell it, but they transfered it to Jaffe and Asher? So, I don't know why a different comapny in California is contacting me?
  5. I came across this site while searching for answers to my problem. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Yesterday I got a call from an attorney's office, looking to collect on a debt that I knew nothing about. Turns out it is for a family member who I cosigned a student loan with a few years ago. They defaulted (unknowing) to me, so this attorney company is looking to collect from me. They told me that I was responsible for it now that the other person didn't pay. This particular loan isn't on my credit report, but, under the law, am I legally responsible for it? When I talked to them I told them that I didn't know about the loan. They asked my about 20 times if I was disputing it. I didn't give them and answer either way, because I didn't know what to say. It seemed like they were adamant about me saying that I was disputing it. They kept saying they will have to validate and send me some letter or something. But I’ve been reading about this particular law form, and they are known to “send letters” than never make it to their intended targets, then win default judgments or summary judgments against people who don’t fight back or show up. Can someone please advise me what steps I should take next? The loan amount is $7500.00. As for now I have only talked to them over the phone, and I have not said I was responsible for the debt, and the co-signer has also spoke with them, he didn’t admit to anything either. If the next step is that they send a letter, how do I make sure it actually comes to me? Do I need to send them some sort of certified letter stating what I want? Please help!!
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