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  1. Hi I am new here and I have tried looking for anything that has to do with the NYC Marshals but to no avail. Hoping someone can help me in my situation which is: I'm a single middle aged woman who lives alone in NYC and works a not so great paying job. Just recently last week the marshal started garnishing my wages. They are taking 10%of my gross which comes to be about $97. Working a new job that i just started in December 2014, that pays $12/hour. With my pre-tax medical and 401 taken out I'm coming home with a $600 check every 2 weeks. I have finally said to myself I have to pay off all my debts! I have been thinking of going the debt consolidation route. Any which way the other day I gathered what ever bills/statements/collection agency notices I could find. I even called up 2 CC companies to see exactly what I owed and if those debts where sold and if so, to whom. Then I did some math from what info I had gathered. My question is this: Is there a way for me to pay the debt collector that paid the marshal? Instead of me paying the Marshal? I guess eliminating the third person? If I do debt consolidation can the garnishment also be included in that consolidation? Now this is what my expenses look like: I live paycheck to paycheck I don't have a savings account and I barely have above $150 in my checking paycheck every 2 weeks $600 Rent is $760 Metro card (form of transportation) is $116 month electricity is $70 month Phone $80 month food varies I can spend up to $100 month so this leaves me literally with $74 for the month!! How do I even pay off debt with this?! City Marshall I owe $3000 They are taking out 10% of my gross pay every 2 weeks. Total owed on cards $10,686.96 I still need to call 3 other card companies to see what my debt is with them... but guesstimating I would say this total would be around $2,500-$3000. What can I do? I have been seeing some of the forums on here stating that consolidation is a ripoff. How else can I have this debt off my back with only having $74 available per month? I would be ever so grateful for any help!! Thanks