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  1. Hello all, I have an interesting predicament. I am being contacted by Asset Resources a collection company for a debt relating to education. So the story is I signed up for cosmetology school in 2011, filled out all the paper work for student loans etc.. I started attending the school then dropped it in a week. Fast forward to now. While checking my credit there is a debt for $2815.16. I called the company and asked for a debt validation. Today they sent me a breakdown. Now keep in mind the collection company does not buy the debt they simply try to collect for the client. I read through the charges and got to the enrollment agreement. At the bottom where it says student signature is not my signature, it was clearly forged. So my question is what do I do next? Thank you so much for your input.
  2. Congrats Man!!!! I have just started the process myself. Hope I can write this kind of message one day.
  3. Hello all. I am new to the credit repair world but I am learning fast. I have done quite a bit of reading and will soon be taking action to repair my damaged credit. Thanks so much for the wonderful forum