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  1. I'm being sued by Midland funding in Washington State (Pierce County). I have received a summons stating breach of contract. I filed an answer and an affirmative defense. I filed a request for production of documents please see attached. Today I received my response from the plaitiffs for request of production of documents as follows: plaintiff objects to defendant's request for production of documents on the ground that is not permitted per LCRLJ 26(3). subject to and without waiving this objection, and in good faith attempt to be responsive to this request, all responsive documents currently within plantiffs possession, custody, and Control specific to this request or attached hereto. What was provided to me was a bill of sale and assignment, a asset schedule and affidavit of sale of account by original creditor,and a certificate of conformity which none of these documents mention my name or account number. I've also received a document titled field data that has account number,date account open, amount,charged off date, name address,last payment date last purchase date. at the bottom of the form it says "data printed by Midland credit management incorporated from electronic records provided by Citibank pursuant to the bill of a sale/assignment of accounts dated 11 2011 in connection with sale of accounts from Citibank to Midland funding". I could create this document myself there's nothing on this document that states it was from Citibank. they did not provide all documents requested that is all they provided there is nothing more filed with the court as of yet what would my next step be?