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  1. Hi, on my TransUnion Credit Report, 65 pages, I have a number of questions and wondering if anyone can help me out: Shows 7 addresses, i have lived at 4 of the 7. 2 others are family members, never lived there, and one i have never heard of? Is this an issue and should i worry about it?I have 5 adverse accounts. What can i do to change? 1 adverse is 60 days late on a cc bill from early 2010. every payment after that was "ok" and on time.1 adverse is my past mortgage, I want to purchase a home this year. It will be 3 years in november 15 since I short sold my last home yet I did go past due for 8 months in 2012. Am i screwed or can i make that happen? The home never did foreclose and again did short sell. Here is the description........Remarks say "Settled - Less Than Full BLNC<; >Acct Paid, Foreclsr Started..........3 adverse marks on medical bills. Total is only $1,100 for the 3. Should I pay those off or do i let them sit and fall off in 2017, and 2 in 2018??I have over 40 loans on my credit report from school for my masters degree. They have now all been sold and report as 2 loans but they all still show, yet all in good standing as "closed". Is this hurting me? Again, I want to purchase a home end of this year that i currently live in today. Is this going to be likely. I have not ran my other reports but if I remember correctly, one of the three, said foreclosure, which is not true. What do I need to do. I am married, but my wife does not work. thank you in advance!!