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  1. I will close my checking account first thing tomorrow. But why open an account in another bank? What about my husbands account that has both our names on the account?
  2. The copy of the JCP bill included in the lawsuit states a charge off of account on 7/16/2010. The affidavit is signed 11/10/2014 and the citation was issued 1/23/2015. Since I did admit to the debt and gave them my checking account info and you suggested not contacting them again, what advice do you have? My husband wants me to close out the checking account so they don't have access to it. Also, how do I go about filing answer to the citation?
  3. I am being sued by Portfolio Recovery in the state of Texas for $1685.58 for a JCPenney credit card. Count 1 is Breach of Contract and Count 2 is Account Stated. I was served today, March 11, 2015 in person. I called the debt collection agency and agreed to set up a payment plan as I do owe this money. I gave them my checking account info and agreed verbally to pay 20% on March 31, 2015, and then the remainder over the next fiscal year to pay the debt in full. The affidavit states that Portfolio Recovery purchased this account in August 2010. My husband is furious with me because he says