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  1. I've just recently stepped into this hell of credit repair. DIY I'm sure I will have more questions, but may I start with this one: Pulled my husband's credit, 13 derrogitory, 10 of the 13 are medical 3 of these accounts are to the same creditor, Senex Services. A collection agency $6987 $1575 $332 It shows the date opened as: 12/20/13 for all 3, which is confusing to me because I know for certain he's not visited that hospital from at least Jan 2012 on. Perhaps a few years before? Can anyone suggest a good plan of action? We can afford to pay off 2 of them, but not the 7k one. Do I offer to settle for delete? Settle for a "nice" notation on credit file? Ignore? Dispute? Is this going to be more difficult because there are 3 of them? Or easier?