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  1. Has anyone had a chance to look any further into this/them yet?
  2. Thank you. I learn something from this site (and alot from both you guys' posts specifically) just about everyday. Thanks again for all the time you have committed to helping others help themselves!
  3. I whole heartedly agree. With the appellate court stepping in on more than one occasion you'd think it would become law of the land around here by now. Live in Santa Cruz County-
  4. Very possible about the right threads...but some cases I've looked up were from local records and also a morning spent at Court House listening to cases. Some of the threads here I've looked at make it seem like "kicking" the out of state affi's is a givin. I will continue my research. Thanks Anon.
  5. Heading to court later this year against Unifund in Northern California where Judges seem to be very lenient on the hearsay/business records exemption. Was wondering if anyone has had any success with citing CACH v. Rodgers...I know it can't hurt...but most of the cases I've looked into around here the Judges seem to be snubbing their noses at Rocha. Pretty much all the JDB needs is a few statements, affi's, generic bill of sale and it's over. Any and all input welcome.
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