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  1. @TomnTex @debtzapper


    Thank you for your help. I am trying to understand the possess and hope you don't mind my questions:


         At what point of the process private arbitration comes to play?


         Why would I be given private arbitration? ... especially JAMS?


         Would I shoot myself in the foot if the creditor says Yes to JAMS?  Would my only option in this scenario be        BK?


         Do you know of any post that spells out the process/possible steps of the lawsuit?... never dealt  with that            before. 

  2. Which island are you on? You might be able to find a attorney to help you out.


    I found 4 consumer attorneys and they all are on Oahu. Only one of them practices Collection Lawsuit Defense. I live on a neighbor island.We have bankruptcy attorneys. As of now it seems that I need to find my way out on my own, cannot afford a defense attorney. 

    I am very grateful for this site and forum. What a great resource and everybody is so helpful!     

  3. "Did Citibank send credit card statements AFTER it charged off the account?   If so, do you have any of them?"


    ​I am not sure when it was charged off. I understand that it is 180 days after the first delinquency. If this is correct?!... the answer is Yes. Citibank sent me statements after the charge off and I have the statements. The last payment was 05/2010. I presume the charge off would of been 12/2010. Citibank kept sending me statements till 2012.

  4. In June 2014 I received a letter from  Citibank N.A.  informing me that they sold the debt to PRM (DJB). Shortly after, there was a demand letter from PRM's partner company servicing the account. I did not respond.


    Recently, I received another demand letter from a local law debt collector retained by the above partner company (currently owning the debt vs servicing the account).


    The amount of the debt demanded in 2014 was matching the amount of the debt  reported with the credit agencies, which was a little higher than  the amount of debt owed to Citibank at the time of the first delinquency (mid 2010)  


    The amount of the debt, currently demanded by the local law company is about 41% higher. I responded with a DV letter almost at the end of the 30 days allowed but fell to dispute with the credit agencies.  Immediately, upon receipt of my DV request by the local law company,  the disputed account disappeared from my credit reports.


    My gut  feeling is that they will try to update the credit reports with the currently demanded  amount by adding interest, penalties etc.and than sue me. Citibank kept sending statements for more less 2 years, after the first delinquency. The debt got inflated quickly but was still less than the current demand of 41% extra.  


    SOL is 6 years


    Please help me figure things out.... It is greatly appreciated. TY TY TY