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  1. @CCRP626 thank you so much for your replies, I will look over that link and prepare my own discovery and interr questions.
  2. Ok. Thank you. I am just staying with my mother until she gets settled, so I will be moving back to CA in maybe 2 months. I answered the discovery and interr, and filed it with the clerk in person and also sent a certified mail to HLS lawyers. Even though the compliance was granted, I still have to file a motion for extension?
  3. Hello, I lived in CT, but moved to CA. I received a complaint from Discover bank in Connecticut, being represented by HLS. I responded and made my special defense a couple of months bank. Then I came to CT to help my mother move to a new house for a few months, in those months I received request for admission and interr/prod from HLS. The mails where being sent to California. I found out too late, they filed for motion for compliance, and motion for default for failure to comply. Basically it was motion for compliance to inter/prod, but the motion for default for failure to comply was also in