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  1. Let me start politely, (since manners and general presumption of positive intent seem to be lacking on many internet forums). Thank you all so much for your advice. I really do appreciate that debtzapper and BV80 went to the extra effort to help someone they did not know and who asked. Sasha0378 I can not tell if you are cussing at me or the world in general. No worries though, I deleted my original post and will delete my "account". I apologize for whatever it is that I did or said that made you feel, in anyway, put out. Yes, the defenses were pulled from several articles, posts and forums, because I thought that was this cites ultimate goal...to help people. Again I apologize for causing you to have to "reinvent the wheel..." (Sorry still don't get that reference) Just on a side note, WA is a community property state, and my husband is out of town, (in the wildness, on fires) for the next 25 days; oh and that whole time bound, 20 day thing, seemed kind of important since no response renders a default judgement. So, yes I am trying to act on his behalf, and my own since it mentions that he is married and the laws of Washington state clearly state that property and debt amassed during the marriage is the responsibility of both parties. Again sorry to bother you, but just so we are clear, I am not sure why my request for help is any different than anyone else. If you are going to be rude, direct people else where, cuss at them, belittle them and then say you "may" help, "but...still" maybe you should not be responding to people in need. "they can't help, we, internet amateurs, may, but... still:" - Fred Martens (Bellevue WA) - Guy Beckett (Seattle WA)
  2. It does not appear that they do. It says complaint and summons only.So does that mean they do not have to provide the evicence right now? and I should get rid of those two affirmative defenses ?
  3. OK I just combined the first and second affirmative defenses because they are the same thing, correct?
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