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  1. I have been escalating a derogatory on my credit report which was placed by mistake. I was leasing an apt complex from sept 2013 until sept 2014 for a complex named Century Park Row. On April 2014, a derogatory remark was placed on my credit file for another complex called Marquis on Park Row and the amount they are claiming is another amount from my normal rent. My rent was $1,150 and the amount they are requesting is $670. I wrote a letter to the collection agency requesting validation, and they fail to respond back. I have escalated to TransUnion three times which lead to a repetitive auto
  2. I've been a victim of identity fraud, and I placed a credit freeze with all three credit bureaus. Recently, a new credit card showed up on my credit file with a collector amount of $2500. I've written to Experian, and even escalated to CFPB, but all experian keeps stating is that they verified that this belongs to me, and that I should contact the collector directly. What can I do?