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  1. wrong when I opened up my account bank of america used chex systems!!
  2. i agree with the gorilla. there probably snooping for your personal info to have a shopping spree on your dime
  3. after being harassed and threatened by a creditor. whats the chances that they will sue after i told em i was gonna BK them anyways and that i can legaly sue em for violations. this place is a bottom feeder debit collector!!
  4. i got my number changed that got them to STOP calling!! since it's a prepaid phone my name is not even on the account nothing like peace of mind from these scum bags!!
  5. thanks for that info. i didn't think having it wrote down with the employees name date and original notes would hold up in court. i'm dealing with a bottom feeder company.
  6. i seen that after doing some research on this site that CA requires both parties consent to be recorded!! so i am not gonna do it. if they threaten me again how do i go about catching them in the act ? what would hold up in court that they committed a FDCPA violation without getting myself in hot water
  7. yup you got that right they will be happy to take your money. I have a CC with 40% intrest rate freaking demon plastic!! once I get my discharge hopefully. I will be happy NOT to give them my money
  8. thanks I will be calling a lawyer tomorrow since my lawyer can give me a heads up on how the trustee's work in my area and what kind of relationship they have with the trustee. that will give me more of an idea of what i'm in for
  9. I will be filing a chapter 7 BK soon. I do have a question. I am staying with family for now until I can get back on my feet not paying rent since my job loss. I am wondering how do I fill out the means test once I start back to work wich will be soon. do I put zero for rent?? that might raise issues with the trustee!! or should I put an average amount on the means test for my local area
  10. How does a chapter 7 bk improve your credit score if your credits in the toilet
  11. thanks for the reply tom. I. don't have it recorded though I will be buying a recorder this week and hopefully when I call them again they will make the same threat!! though I do have it wrote down the employees name time and date and what they said!! but that might not hold up I dunno.
  12. I am almost 2 years late on one of my CC for none payment.. I called the original creditor of my account and they told me that my account was sent to a collections agency. So they gave me the name of the agency and phone number to the collections agency. So I called the collections agency and gave them my name account number and social security number more than once. The thing is the collection agency can't find me in there system!! So is the original creditor dicking around with me?? I have also told them that I am filing a chapter 7 BK. they have also threatened to send the cops out and haul me in front of the judge and make me pay right there do I have anything on them for violations??? Another thing is my statement says that i'm 32 days late when I know that i'm almost 2 years past due what's up with that