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  1. Verdict is in:" DISMISSAL WITHOUT PREJUDICE FILED FOR THE ENTIRE ACTION AS TO ALL DEFENDANT(S) AND ALL CAUSES OF ACTION(S). " I showed up to court, and the clerk informed me of the news, I was ecstatic. I got to say a big thanks for all that helped me again with another case. @calawyer thank you for helping me such as I never received the dismissal in the first place. I hope all people that get sued in California by JDB are lucky enough to find this board, it's truly invaluable. How do I go to get my costs back? I didn't file for my costs in my last case.
  2. @calawyer I checked, and nothing changed. Never showed up on the court's website. If you need any of my documents you can PM and I can send them to you. Also, for the cross examination questions, if you can send those via PM or I can give you my email, also. I'm certain Portfolio check these forums regularly.
  3. @Anon Amos I wonder if that's a first in these type of cases. When I got the later on the 16th, I wasn't even excited. I thought it was a tactic all along. What are the possible consequences for pulling a stunt like that? I am sure the judge wouldn't be happy with that manipulating of the judicial system. Have you ever seen this tactic used before? @calawyer if you can implement what @Anon Amossuggested, I would appreciated.
  4. @calawyerThank you so much! Here's their trial brief (numbered on the bottom), I'm sure you'll enjoy the lies in it. They also included a Proposed order for judgement and MC-010, how nice of them. I'll include the proposed order for judgement in another post.
  5. @calawyer Their witness actually got served. I wasn't surprised one bit, since PRA in San Diego usually has their "witnesses" available to be served opposed to substitute service.
  6. @Anon Amos Thanks for the information. @calawyer I don't trust JDB, it's been 10 days since the sent me that notice, I have checked daily, and nothing shows. I even went to court on the 8/22 (to turn in POS for the subpoena) and asked the clerk about the CIV-110 and he said it wasn't on file yet, but that they were backed up in the mail responses. Nonetheless, can you please help me out with my trial brief? I don't want to go to court monday with nothing . I also have their trial brief, I'll post it in a bit, it's only about 3 pages long. I would really appreciate your help. To be candid, I think the notice is some trick, I'll be proven otherwise when I see it filed via the online docket.
  7. I have an update, the subpoena was actually served to the plaintiff on 8/15 via personal service. About 2 days later, I received a Request for Dismissal (form CIV--110). From the looks of it, they filled it out the same day the plaintiff got served, since it states it was filled out on 8/15. However, I have checked online daily, and yet to see anything filled on the court website. Do I have to fill out any of the CIV-110 and send it back to them? Or sign it and file it myself or leave it as is? I'm confused here, since it has been 6 days since this technically got filed with court. I uploaded the document. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Keep in mind, my trial is on 8/29/16. Thanks in advance.
  8. Here is their "Plaintiff's Trial WItness List." They have the so call custodian of records will testify via written declaration, myself, and they state they can call other witnesses and amend the list at the time of trial. Look for yourself .
  9. I'm finally back, guys. I had a bad stomach virus. Don't ever eat 7/11 hot food. The only bonus is that you'll lose weight extremely fast. @calawyer you're amazing. Thanks for all your help. I'm astonished that these bottom feeders can still surprise you with their antics. since you've seen it all. On 7/27, I received quite a few documents (all via next day mail). The first one being a DISC-015. Should I reply to that with: "Defendant reserves the right to use any evidence and witness testimony for impeachment purposes only." If so, do I need POS? Or may I just send it myself via CMRR and first class mail? Here's a copy of: Notice requesting and requiring parties to attend trial. This one is quite lengthy; It has has them requesting items I bring to trial. From what I recall from my other trial from another JDB, they didn't request the aforementioned. Note: I'll post the other documents in another reply, so it won't get messy.
  10. Note: pages did not upload in order, one can deduce the order via paragraph number. Thanks!
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