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  1. Hi CaliMOO, I sent you my copy of the MIL which is due at least 3 days before trial date in California. You should have been able to write a trial brief based on it if your case is like mine. You can still send a MIL even if you didn't receive a CCP 98 from the plaintiff to let the judge know what you will be contesting. Although I am responding to this thread late, you should have received my MIL when you first requested it it via email. Blessings!
  2. I won against UNIFUND today!! Dismissal with prejudice!! Thank you for this site and the Awesome people on it that were so gracious to help me!! i am going to pay it forward!!
  3. I must have posted in the wrong thread , OK I'm going there right now! Thank you!!
  4. Thank you!! I am so relieved!!! As James Brown once said..I FEEL GOOD!!
  5. I won against UNIFUND this morning!! Dismissed with prejudice!! Thank you to all of the wonderful contributors on this sight!! There is no way that I could have defended myself without this Awesome Site!!!
  6. Thank you so much, and I did post it to the Winners thread!!
  7. I won against UNIFUND today!! The JDB settled with dismissal of case with prejudice!! There is absolutely NO WAY that I could have achieved this win without out this wonderful site and the Amazing People on it who help with their know how, knowledge, insight , wisdom and love!! Thank you All!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Well I woke up this morning, put my best suit on,reviewed all of my notes and put on my gameface. I was ready for battle!..........I went to court, I had a court time of 8:30, I got there at 8:00 but when I arrived at court and looked at the case log and my case was moved to 9:30...More waiting.....So I sat in the court room watching case after case and looking around to see who the possible JDB Attorney might be....Well the Plaintiff Attorney happened to be sitting right in front of me and she seemed to be glancing around herself, probably trying to figure out who I was Anyway there was just one case ahead of mine so she then knew that it was me that she would be dealing with...The judge called up my case number and I went up there with the JDB Attorney and she asked the judge if she could have a little time with me prior to appearing and the judge granted her her request...We then went into a little side office and she asked me some questions - Do you own this debt? I said "No Mam'" - So you do not own up to any of the alleged debt, I repeated "No Mam'. She then asked me about the case, and I said" I filed a Motion of Limine with the court and sent you and your associates a copy" She said "I'm sorry, but I haven't seen it, would you happen to have a copy that I could look at and I said sure, I brought you a copy just in case you didn't have one.." She read it over and and I explained to her the evidence that UNIFUND was trying to use against me, (She didn't even have a copy of that!) and my objections, I was quoting Ca code 1200, CCP96....etc for every piece of evidence against me.....She then looked at her calculator and I thought that she was going to try to make some type of settlement offer amount to me which I was going to refuse unless it was an offer to settle the case with prejudice.....She then said the magic words!!! I am ready to offer you a dismissal of the case with prejudice!!!!! I agreed , signed a paper , we went back into the courtroom and she told the judge of our agreement and that was that!!!! Case dismissed with prejudice!!!!!!!! I just want to take this opportunity to tell the Administrator of this site Thank you for having this wonderful Forum, I could not have done any of this without it and the wonderful people who have helped me down this road!! Thank you to shellieh98 ,calawyer,Anon Amos, bassplayr,Seadragon, and a Special Thank you to RyanEX for reviewing my MIL and giving me pointers along the way!! I am forever indebted to you!! I thank all of you for your encouragement and well wishes!! I so appreciate each and every one of you!!!! I will pay this forward!!!!! Love and Blessings to you All!!!!!!!!!
  9. Well..... This is the big day......8:30 this morning.......I will follow up later. Wish me luck!
  10. So....I was suppose to go to Court this morning at 8:30 but I received a letter from the Court last Thursday telling me that the Court has bumped the date to next Monday , the 8th. Which is good by me because I hadn't gotten the MIL done in time... Anyway, I have finished it and was wondering if any of you fine people out there would proof read it and give me some constructive criticism? Thank you to all who have helped me thus far,RyanEx,calawyer,shellieh98,Anon Amos, bassplyr,Seadragon, I appreciate it sooooooooooooo much!!! Blessings to you all!! MOTION IN LIMINE For Luckykid12.docx
  11. Thank you Seadragon! Do I add all of the evidence that the Plaintiff plans on bringing to court in the back of my MIL?