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  1. Thanks Clydesmom for quick reply. So I am left with option to stay quite, still SOL is over and 2 more years to get the charged off accounts dropped or I settle these accounts. Settling an account, is surely going to hurt more, since as per my discussion with these creditors, once I settle, they are going to report as "Paid less than owed", this is big red flag for Lender and this notation is also going to drop my score by few points. I had a discussion with my mortgage broker, and he suggested avoid settling since I am already at 550, by doing this it will hurt me more. Based on your reply, I am guessing credit bureau, might come back saying, debt has been verified and is not obliged to give me my signed application, statements and payments I made to credit card companies. So in this case sending a Debt Validation will work. Reason is I need to completely verify and receive all documents/forms etc... from the creditor who is reporting on my report, to ensure they have all the proofs to support this. Chances are they might be lazy, some times they don't care, some times they don't have, if they really wanted to sue me, they would have not waited 4 years and in the last year of SOL, they want sue, since I am asking for validation. I had one person in the same community I am leaving, lucky enough to get charged off removed dated 2013, in Feb 2015. I saw his dispute letters to credit bureaus and deletion letter he received from them.
  2. Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and also new to Credit Repair program. Recently realized my score was 550 when me and my wife went to bank to apply for home loan, thinking we have some money for down, why don't we try. We had some really rough years especially 2011 and 2012, when I had my medical problems and was out of work for several months. Debt started piling up with lot of interests and finally I stopped paying, since event he min. amount I was paying was just going towards the high interest CC was charging. So I am seeking your help and guidance on how I can start with removing this charged off from Credit Cards Companies and medical bills from Collection agencies: After getting rejection from bank on Loan, first thing I did was called my credit card companies, who had charged off my account in 2011, the same year I made my last payment to them. They told me that account has been transferred to collection agencies, which don't show up on my credit report. Collection agencies don't want to settle for less than 50%. I ready couple of places that disputing "Charged Off" accounts with three credit bureaus might help, since credit card companies have already charged off my accounts from their books. Is this really true? If I dispute, Credit card companies wont investigate my dispute, and provide all documents from 2007 and 2008 when I had first opened credit card accounts with them? Medical bills with collection agencies, same thing if I dispute and asked for my signed forms and invoices from hospital and doctors, are they really good in having systematic documentation to provide me in 30 days? Please do provide your experience and guidance, and help me getting out of this. Thanks in advance.
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